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Avalanche Studios are enjoying their most action packed year since they began developing games! Just Cause was the first title for this studio and due to the series' enormous success, they've continued to perform well since 2006. In 2015 they'll be releasing both Just Cause 3 and the Mad Max game - two settings that stand in stark contrast to one another. But which will enjoy the most popular release date, and which game are you more excited for?

Just Cause has always been a series I've enjoyed and heartily engaged with since I played the first edition on PC in 2006. Just Cause 2 was everything you wanted it to be - I adore how Avalanche Studios enjoy the total lack of seriousness. Rico Rodriguez's voice acting is deplorable, the physics in the game make no sense, but it's a glorious celebration of the madness that Video Games can give us!

Just Cause 3
Just Cause 3

The colourful and vibrant world of Just Cause 3 stands in stark contrast to the dark and grim setting of Mad Max. The Mad Max game will be granted its release date on September 1st, 2015 - the same day as [Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain](tag:2683985) - and it's trailer is actually surprisingly good! There's a lot of Warner Brothers' trademarks in there but especially their [Batman: Arkham Series](tag:2586475) combat. But the open world of Mad Max will focus on car combat and I sincerely hope that it doesn't turn into another Rage.

Which Avalanche Release Date Are You More Excited For - Just Cause 3 or The Mad Max Game?

I have my reservations when it comes to the Mad Max game - I certainly don't think it'll be able to eclipse the masterful direction of [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445). However, judging by the gameplay trailers we've received so far, the Mad Max game may actually surprise us all. Shadow of Mordor was the last game that Warner Brothers produced which contained many of their gaming trademarks and that is a seriously great game. Could we see Mad Max perform as well as Shadow of Mordor?

Mad Max Game
Mad Max Game

Personally, I can't wait to see what Avalanche do with Just Cause 3 on the XBOX One, PS4 and PC. The series has always looked great and revelled in its own stupidity. I can't wait to see if they top Rico fighting a boss while riding on top of missiles at the conclusion of Just Cause 2...I'm not sure that actually can be topped though. Be sure to let us know which Avalanche game you're looking forward to the most in the comments below!


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