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If you have seen the first Avengers film then it goes without saying that you were definitely looking forward to AOU and while I'm no exception, I was also looking forward to the movie to see how Marvel was going to deal with Robert Downey Jr.'s character. Remember back in the end of Iron Man 3 when Tony swore to Pepper that he's now a changed man and that he no longer needs his armor? You know when he blew up all his suits just to prove his point and got the shrapnel removed from his heart?

Now do you remember the message back in Iron Man 2? The one after the credits? It stated that Iron Man will return in The Avengers, whereas in IM 3 it stated that Tony Stark will return. Not Iron Man, just Stark.

All of this made this audience believe that Tony might not don the Iron Man armor ever again, the end credits which consisted of a montage of all the three movies only helped to confirm this suspicion.

Further, when it was announced that Stark will be the one to create Ultron, not Hank Pym, it gave me the impression that Stark is no longer in action, he only supports the Avengers from behind the scenes. I figured that since Stark is no longer Iron Man, he felt the world needed a successor i.e. Ultron and thus the menacing AI is born.But in the first trailer of AOU we saw Stark back in full swing, pretending like IM 3 never happened. Not only did he have a new suit, he also built a Hulkbuster armor and several assistant drones.

While AOU did have a lot going on in the film and had no time to waste, the fact that they didn't pick up where IM 3 left off shows that Marvel themselves had no idea how to bring back this character, so they just threw him back into the fray and hoped that no one would notice.

By the way, Stark did say that he's retiring from the Avengers at the end of AOU, but it has been confirmed that we are going to see him again in Captain America: Civil War, so don't be surprised if Tony's membership is renewed all of a sudden!

So what's your take on the matter? How do you feel about Marvel disregarding IM 3's events? Did you find it weird to see Stark out and about like nothing happened? Or did you wonder what happened to all that "changed man" nonsense? Let me know your thoughts in comments section. Cheers!


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