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Halloween is my favorite holiday. The drama kid in me enjoys nothing more than to dress up in costume, accessorize with wigs and props, and tie the look together with some killer makeup.

While most trick-or-treaters attend parties, or even stay in and pop in a spooky horror film, others are celebrating Halloween in a much more sinister manner...

Halloween, a supposedly innocent fun and scary holiday, is seen as an even more gruesome holiday by some Satanists, who use it as a day of human sacrifices.

Yes. You read that correctly. Many people are kidnapped and then sacrificed in the name of Satan. In 2014, it is estimated that 813,412 people went missing, and according to reports, these numbers will continue to skyrocket this year. A percentage of these people are reportedly kidnapped and used for Satanic sacrifice.

This statistic depressed me: 10% of missing people never make it back home. 52% of active cases involved juveniles.

Be careful, friends. Stay on high alert during the weeks leading up to Halloween, in which certain Satanists kidnap and prepare for a sacrificial ceremony. Keep a close watch on your friends and family.

Sometimes what we see in films can happen to us in real life.

[Source: Naijaurban]


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