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So Netflix and Marvel just dropped an awesome bomb! The Punisher will be a part of Netflix’s Daredevil Season 2 . The Walking Dead’s Jon Bernthal , Comic fans may remember him Shane the asshole from the Walking Dead, is set to play the vigilante that doesn’t hesitate to cap his enemies in the ass! I loved Daredevil season 1, and am a huge Punisher fan. I remember watching season 1 and thinking to myself, It would be awesome if Netflix does a Punisher show like this.

What do you think, of the casting? I think he has the potential from what he’s done in Walking dead, he did good action scenes also and has the grit to play Frank Castle.

I like the decision personally. Another person I think that could nail the role ,is actor Anthony Starr (Lucas Hood) from Cinemax Banshee show. Another great action packed show! If you haven't seen it check it out! What do you all think?

Do you think anyone else would be better off the top of your head, to play the Punisher for the show? Also do you think the Punisher will get his own spinoff after DD season 2 ? I hope so, the show would also have great potential. Also The Kingpin was always prominently featured in earlier Punisher comics, so, it would make sense they could use the Kingpin,in potential Punisher series.

Jon Bernthal as Shane in Walking Dead
Jon Bernthal as Shane in Walking Dead

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