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Well i have three Extraordinary actors that i consider exceptional in the world of film, number (1) Meryl streep she has a brilliant stage & screen credit that is massive, which would take too long to mention here. so Here's some of it. Shes known for playing strong minded independent women characters on the Silverscreen. 'Kramer vs Kramer (1979) alongside hollywood star dustin huffman. 'the bridges of maddison county' (1995) alongside the legendary clint eastwood. I believe one her many finest hours came When She portrayed the British prime minister of England, margeret Thatcher in the movie titled ' the iron lady' (2011) the movie earned her a best Actress Oscar award. Meryl streep remains the only actor in american film History to receive 19 Oscar Nominations During her long career.

Number (2) Sir Ben Kingsley was a established Theatre Stage actor Before Making his first film debut in 'Fear is the Key ' (1972) as most fans Knows it was His portrayal of Indian public figure the legendary Mohandas Gandhi he played in sir Richard Attenborough's Epic film simply titled ' gandhi' (1982) kingsley's performance was so Convincing, that he won his first Oscar award for Best actor in a leading role. Since then he's been in countless of Great movies 'Schindler's list' (1993) 'Betrayel' (1983) 'With out a clue' (1988) and many more great movies of today.

Number (3) Jamie Foxx many fans will remember Foxx'es early career as a stand-up comedian whose debut on television was in the comedy show titled ' in living color ' (1991) and then going on to appearing in his own sitcom titled 'the Jamie foxx show' which aired from (1996) to (2001) an Acomplished Singer-songwriter/Musician. however his shinning hour came When he played the legendary R/B singer/Musician Ray charles in the movie simply titled 'ray' (2004) jamie foxx performance was so convincing it earned him a Oscar award for Best actor in a leading role. since then Foxx has appeared in some great movies. 'the kingdom' (2007) 'Django - unchained ' (2012) and 'collateral' alongside hollywood legend Tom cruise, today he's planning on Bringing former heavyweight champion mike tyson's story to the silverscreen with him jamie foxx playing the living legend of boxiing.

So this is my list of popular actors that have played famous people in History maybe you know many more. give us you're list. it would be interesting to read.


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