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Look what we have so far in box-office record of all the time:

So far in top 15, we have The Avengers, The Avengers 2, Iron Man 3. and The Dark Knight Rises. I think they are trying to compete the huge challenge to break Avatar and Titanic's record. I think most of us is kine of tired to see Avatar and Titanic being the top 2 with same director by James Cameron. He is overrated and highly skilled. I think it would be very neat for Superheroes to break the record and show the Superheroes is the best type of movies to see at big screen. They have many roles that we can look up to. I think it is their games to make the best out of the film through out history.

They was very close to break Titanic and Avatar's record with The Avengers. I think they are working very hard and it is best for Joss Whedon to step down because the second movie lost the same spotlight from first movie. It is good to have someone else take part in Captain America Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. This is something never done before with full complete Avengers on the screen with huge battle.

Same with DC, They are try the hardest to catch up with Marvel because they have all the superheroes in same spot than marvel had since they split up X-men and Fantastic Four. DC have great superheroes story to tell. Batman and Superman is the most popular in the worldwide world is the best chance to break the record. This can lead to the Justice League with them working together.

Marvel and DC have both played their own different way to compete the Hollywood and movie history. Marvel had built their cinematic universe with TV and Netflix. Speaking the Netflix, They were doing series that lead up to The Defender and Daredevil have succeeded. They were open up Netflix universe of Defender that will tie in to Marvel Cinematic Universe as meaning to catch many Netflix viewers and bring all viewers' interests in Netflix more because of this. They know what Hollywood and worldwide viewers want more from Netflix than just The Orange is the New black and some other shows. Why not superheroes? It bring up more rating as possible lead to breaking the record of the history. It is good thing they have different formats of superheroes like movies,TV Shows, and Netflix that all combine in one universe. That is their intelligent plan to gather all possible viewers and many fans. I am not quite sure if DC able to do Netflix or not. It will be a longshot until their plan succeed. They have different kind of goals how it works.

DC have personal strategy with TV with Crisis on Infinite Earth storyline up in their sleeve that they can crossover with Movie and TV including Arrow and Flash. It is possible as their plan, but they want to keep it lower level to work the way up. Marvel and DC would like us to see gigantic and huge vision of them in the both side that cinematic universes does work in their own ways.

Fox own X-men and Fantastic Four, but they work the hard as they can to make their own universe works. The many fans dislike the way they works with own films. It is possible they might give up them then give it to Marvel or ask marvel for help or team up to get full universe of X-men, Fantastic Four, and The Avengers in One long movie someday. It will be a while since they got Deadpool worked out.

These are their huge challenge. They knew before the superheroes won't live up and break the record before cinematic universe until Marvel does with Iron Man. The reason that DC does not follow right away because they wanted Chris Nolan to finish Batman in their own way since Chris Nolan does not want to crossover with Superman or anything. It is like his version of Batman where no other superheroes exist. Since he finished it up in 2012 after The Avengers' success. They were going to the same with Superman,but they went ahead start with that Man of Steel as first DC cinematic universe and work it way up with Batman vs Superman then break into individual movies lead to Justice League. Batman vs Superman will be like pre-Justice League as how they form the team.

I know they will break it somehow with own genius plans. They were faithful to the fans. They were giving the fans many ideas and reasons the superheroes is not silly or too fantasy. Superheroes movie have grown into the most realistic takes of heroes and how their roles set as great example to the world.

I think my real answer is Yes, they will someday. the another question is which Superhero movies will surpass Avatar and Titanic?

Batman vs Superman-First time together on big screen

Avengers:Infinity War-First time with all of the superheroes since Iron man(2008) through this.

Captain America:Civil War-first adaption from Civil War with first appearance almost all of superheroes. It is like pre-Avengers:Infinity War that form bigger problem after Iron Man and Captain America conflict

Someway in future solo movies of Marvel and DC could make their ways up the top is solo superman and Batman movie, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Black Panther, Thor 3, and many others with great story that stick close source to comics. As long they have Darkseid, Doomsday ,Brainiac, Cheetah, and powerful villains that never done on screen will break the spotlight after Joker, Loki, Bane, and other villains from past movies.

My prediction for Top 20 box-office of all the time(not in order of box office)

1.Justice League

2.Batman vs Superman

3. Avengers:Infinity Wars part one

4.Avengers: Infinity War part two


6.Wonder Woman

7.Black Panther

8.Captain America:Civil War

9. True adaption of Death of Superman

10. Guardian of the Galaxy 2



13.The Avengers

14. Furious 7

15. Avengers:Age of Ultron

from on and on.

This is what I am feeling in the future they will do something like that I shown as example. This is not specific prediction, but that is type of game Marvel and DC heading at right now with different kind of strategies to keep us going like never-end fun and entertainment of Superheroes. It is like we are living in Superhero Era.

I am giving couple Polls:


Will Superheroes movies break Titanic and Avatar boxoffice record?


Marvel or DC break Avatar and Titanic boxoffice all the time?


Which DC movies will break the record


Which Marvel movies will Break the record of all the time?

Sound off below if you think Superheroes can break all the time boxoffice record and surpass Avatar and Titanic?


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