BySteven Steadman, writer at
Steven Steadman

Remake or reboot? Call it what you will. Hollywood has run out of fresh ideas and can't help themselves from milking the classics for all they can get. Is any movie safe? I see the classic movie Highlander is on thier list and to make it a success they need to follow one rule, stay true to the original movie and pretend the sequels never existed.

It is a hard task to outfit today's remake with a cast that will do the movie justice but I've got a cast list that just might pull it off.

Ewan Mcgregor (Connor MacLeod)

Jessica Biel (Brenda Wyatt)

Dave Bautisda (The Kurgan)

Antonio Banderas (Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez)

Rose Leslie (Heather MacLeod)

Kurt Russell (Lieutenant Frank Moran)

Clancy Brown (Det. Walter Bedsoe) yes, to tie in the old with the new

Jessica Lange (Rachel Ellenstein)

Ray Park (Angus MacLeod)

Gerard Butler (Douglas MacLeod)


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