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As Jurassic World is set release within the next couple of days, it may be an idea to look back at some of the previous instalments and review how they fit into the franchise and what can we learn from the sequels that were approving and what may not have been approving for Jurassic Park fans.

In preparation for the big day to see Jurassic World, I decided to look back at one film in particular, The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Directed by master director Steven Spielberg, the instalment is sure to have to formula needed to produce a true sequel to the 1993 film, whilst it does have some good moments it is easy to see at times where it fell flat and somewhat inferior to its parent film. Just like its predecessor it contained many of the elements that made the first film great such as the animatronic dinosaurs, scary and thrilling moments like the trailer-cliff scene and an interesting setting for the film in the form of Malcom's meeting with Hammond.

However, we start with the actors, whilst it is interesting to have Jeff Goldblum back on board and initiate the story, little of his wise-cracking role is replicated within this film and the humour is more pronounced in the form of Vince Vaughn. Here some of his lines could have been more audible and could have been blended with Goldblum to form and interesting comedy duo that would have reflected well with the films new setting on Isla Sorna. Julianne Moore’s character was very much the fresh and energetic touch the film needed and could have used more of, but more of that later. The role of Roland (no pun intended), was also a good character to follow and introduced more of the villainous human role that matched that of Steven Lang in Avatar. The role of Robert Ludlum was obviously snake-like and vindictive, interesting, but there could have been more emphasis on his character and how it influences Ingen and its relationship with the dinosaurs, it was also unclear as to why the character was necessary to be John Hammonds nephew, other than obviously a word being out in a some point about him working in Ingen because of his uncles presence.

There could also have been movie close-ups of the characters and their emotions and more detail regarding the dialogue as much of it seemed a little rushed and was not repeated, particularly the justification for travelling to Isla Sorna.

The pace was also staggered and difficult to keep up with, the film could've used with around ten minutes or so of less filming. After the trailer scene, it felt like it was another film within a film, and the pace seemed to slow right down and I couldn’t help but think that it seemed to drag on at this point. Apart the assault on the soldier in the forest with the Compsagnathus, the forest scene could have been cut entirely, and gone from the point of the Ingen soldiers walking and talking with Malcoms group to the T-Rex attack on camp, with a little something in between to connect the two scenes of course!

It was also a little too ambitious, there should have been less emphasis on the military/Ingen role, which could have been set off the island and have been more of a conspiracy element that would match this films darker tone. It occurred to me that there where two sides of perspective in this film, the first Malcom’s team with the intent to record and observe, and second was the military/Ingen role. To maintain the magic that the first film yielded, this film should have may be placed more emphasis on Malcoms team where more documentation and observation on the animals should have been made, more about the equipment they were using, more of Sarah Hardings enthusiasm to her findings and new species of dinosaurs and the ecological roles they have established, at least 2/3 of the film could have been devoted to this, and rest the from military/Ingen perspective.

Oddly enough as a fan of John Williams work, I thought the music was rather underused. For me didn’t seem to fit the setting of the film and was not as awe-inspiring as the first film and didn’t create the same magic that encapsulated audiences in the first film. One scene in particular was during the raptor attack in the high grass, I thought that should have been more like the death scene with Robert Muldoon in the first film, where it was more about the silence and the stealth and no doubt kept the audience on the edge of their seat.

Finally the T-Rex escape onto mainland could’ve been more elaborated on what exactly went wrong with the shipment and how it escaped and the scene where it causes havoc on the mainland could have been cropped and perhaps a little less cheesy with some of the panicking human interactions such as the house with the swimming pool and more of a terror riddled human- devouring scene.

On some of the films finer points, I did like that they used the same dinosaur villains, bringing the audience back to the favoured and feared dinosaurs that we all know and love (T-Rex and Raptors), whilst introducing us to new favourites like the Stegosaurus and the Compsagnathus, retaining the use of animatronics. As mentioned before, the trailer scene was a good moment that was well written and designed.

What do you guys think? Where there any moments of magic and terror that you believe deserved more credit in the Jurassic Park franchise or anything that were better off left behind?


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