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Marlon McDonald

"Spider-Man, Spider-Man! Hurry up and confirm and appease your fans," is a little take on the iconic Spider-Man intro theme from the swingin' sixties, that popped into my head after contemplating the current emotional seesaw we're on regarding Spidey's casting and entrance into the MCU.

It's an arduous wait - who will be Spider-Man, will he actually appear in Civil War? Well apparently he will, as alleged by the brilliant, longtime Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis at a panel appearance at 'Special Edition: NYC' earlier this week.


When discussing the 2005 launch of New Avengers, its drafting of Spider-Man and how some writers believed Spidey to not be a member of the Avengers, Bendis let slip:

The same thing happened when they heard Spider-Man is going to be in [‘Captain America: Civil War’] the movie.

Realizing what he just said, he quickly backtracked:

Allegedly. Or he’s going to be in Batman v Superman.

Spider-Man has been rumored to appear in Civil War for ages now, with over 1,500 teen actors being tested for, what would more than likely be, the biggest role of their lives. But regardless of Bendis' backtrack, he is a member of Marvel Studio's creative committee. So, maybe he did indeed let slip the juiciest piece of Marvel shaped information.


Even later, Bendis took to Twitter to correct CBR's angle on his supposedly misunderstood statement:

What do you make of this?

(Source: CBR, Brian Michael Bendis/Twitter)


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