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Delisa Elizabeth

If someone were to tell me “You’re Not You” would make me cry like my candy was stolen from me, I wouldn’t believe you.

This movie is absolutely beautiful, fantastic, and mesmerizing.

“You’re Not You” is centered on a classical pianist who is diagnosed with ALS, she bonds with a college student who later becomes her caregiver (spoiler alert).

This is the type of movie that everyone needs to watch, how could you not? I can’t believe that I didn’t hear of this movie until recently (thanks Netflix).

Hilary Swank did a stellar job, the greatest role I have seen her do since “Boys Don’t Cry”. Emmy Rossum was amazing as well. Josh Duhamel? Yes, loved to hate him in this movie, he did a great job as well.

I probably shouldn’t have watched this movie at work because I didn’t expect to cry so ugly and so hard.

If you love good dramas and I bet you do, please turn on Netflix right now, and watch this movie.

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