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The people behind Halloween Horror Nights have just announced that Freddy and Jason will both be returning for the 25th anniversary. And what better way is there than to celebrate this anniversary with these two infamous rivals?

The previous slasher attraction was dedicated to the iconic Michael Myers and the first Halloween film. Which of course was a major success and also the most popular attraction last year.

Freddy and Jason have both been to Halloween Horror Nights before with another familiar face or two, Leatherface. But this year definitely has the potential to be the best. Especially since every Horror fan enjoys seeing Freddy and Jason go head to head.

Here's the teaser that was released earlier for the Freddy vs Jason attraction announcement.

As a fan I can only hope they'd one day get everything straight as far as rights are concerned. And have an attraction that features Michael Myers, Jason, and Freddy all together!

Also, as I was reflecting on Michael, Jason, and Freddy's individual success at Halloween Horror Nights, I realized they're still the ultimate fan favorites, even after over thirty-five years! So just imagining them all being in the same film, or all of them sharing a spot at Halloween Horror Nights really is amazing to think about.


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