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Baldwin Collins

Since viewing this summer's blockbuster movie, 'the avengers age of ulton' i've listened to many fans on the streets and on the internet, and i believe us fans are really ready to see the incredible hulk in a stand alone movie again. The movie executives from marvel and universal studios will say 'oh yes, his just another fan who doesn't understand the Copyright laws that might accure during filming, Maybe i dont, but I am sure theres millions of hulk fans that feel passionate about seeing their favourite marvel character gracing the silverscreen alone again.

why did the other two movies failed ? the answer was right there on the screen, director Ang lee's version was much too dark and haunting, the (2003) movie tried to give the audience the comic book version. that's why it failed. And the same thing Happened to director louis leterrier's 2nd installment movie. So what's the right formula ? the fans of the hit tv series are the ones who were actually looking for their tv version on the big screen. back in the 70s era writer/producer kenneth johnson showed people a more audience friendly hulk and it worked. today we have mark Ruffalo as the incredible hulk' who has his 3rd outing in the avengers asemble movies. director joss whedon did a marvelous job in age of ultron. he believes in mark ruffalo's version of the hulk the only question is do the movie executives believe it. let me know you're views and thoughs about this article.


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