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Imagine this: we're facing a dangerous threat to the world (any world!). Maybe it's a villainous plan to destroy us all, maybe it's a natural disaster, perhaps it's even the threat of nuclear power - that's for you to decide. Then, once you've defined what we're facing, choose 2 teams from any faction, any universe, any genre to combine forces and face that threat together.

The catch - there is only room for one happy ending. So, let the battle begin and let's see who comes out the victor!

What you can win!

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Here's a quick example we whipped up earlier.

Oh GOD! The conspiracy theorists were right!
Oh GOD! The conspiracy theorists were right!

For years, the people of earth have ignored the conspiracy theorists, those disheveled looking madmen, those rogue thinkers, the ones who live "a little too outside the box." Oh how wrong we were... Just as the so-called madmen had predicted, a strange glowing green asteroid larger than the moon itself has been seen via Hubble telescopes hurtling on a high speed trajectory towards Earth. Governments across the globe have been forced to join together and come up with a fool proof plan. They decide to create... a super-team!

Superman (Red Son)
Superman (Red Son)

Superman...but not as he is conventionally known. Superman Red Son is how Kal- El would have turned out if he were brought up in the Soviet Union! Still the world's strongest force, he is utilized to derail the 1,000 megaton asteroid from it's dreaded death-course and send it hurtling into the abyss. There is one hitch however... the asteroid is partly composed of deadly Kryptonite... Cue the second half of this super-team!

Let's take this mother out of the sky!
Let's take this mother out of the sky!

The Rebel Alliance has offered their piloting expertise to aid in the asteroid's relocation. Their task is to use the might of their powerful fleet of X-Wing fighters to blast off the large chunks of Kryptonite with their lasers in order for the Man of Steel to safely transport the foreign space object onto another flight path.

Forever Alone...
Forever Alone...

The Alliance's attempts to dislodge the large crystallized boulders of kryptonite protruding from the asteroid's surface prove too much for the rebel task force. Superman is forced to use the last of his remaining strength to dislodge the gargantuan space rock from it's apocalyptic collision course towards the earth, ultimately sacrificing himself in order to save the human race. The poisonous kryptonite overpowers him and consumes his flesh as he withers away, encrusted on the surface of his now infinitely orbital final resting place.

  • All entries must be received by Sunday June 21st, 12pm ET
  • The contest is open to: USA, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India or any of the EU countries (except France- see T&C's)*
  • Entry must be in the form of an article or video ON Moviepilot, not a link to another site or a comment
  • Entry must be a completely new post - no resubmissions of older posts please
  • Tag your post with Contest Entry , then share the link in the comments section of this post
  • Any questions about the contest, please contact: [email protected]
  • By entering into this contest you confirm that you have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions

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