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For this fan recast I am useing the Ghostbusters 1 characters types and relationships. I don't think Sony would ever go with this cast due to the sheer cost of the cast but you never know.

For the Ghostbusters:

Karl Urban as your new Ray. From his time spent as Bones on the new Star Trek I feel he has that right amount of excitement and time spent handing and useing all sorts of tools of the trade. And he pretty much has the Ray hair cut.

Mayim Bialik would be a perfect Egon. She already is know as the smart and nerdy Amy Farrah Fowler on the Big Bang. And she is has a PHd in real life so that can't hurt.

Welcome Emma Stone as your Peter. She has that smart ass attitude and the right touch of snarky for fill the roll the way Bill Murry did.

Alfonso Ribeiro is a natural choice to me as your main man Winston. Plus he has something that no one on this list has. Experience as a Ghostbuster. Yep Alfonso was a voice actor on the Extreme Ghostbusters as Roland Jackson.

Now for the supporting cast:

Sofía Vergara as Dana Barrett. I feel that she could help keep the tone of the movie light hearted and funny and not get to serious.

Who else to be wild party throwing, swinging, Lewis Tully than Neil Patrick Harris. With Neil and Sofía there would be some great comedy between these two.

Meet the Mayor of New York City Leonardo DiCaprio. To me he has this air of intelligence and power in his rolls and feel that is what the Mayor would need.

Welcome the man who needs no introduction Samuel L Jackson as Walter Peck the EPA agent trying to shut down the Ghostbusters. Just look at him he even has this I don't believe this Sh*t look.

And finally we have our big bad Gozer. Benedict Cumberbatch with his portrayal of Khan in Star Trek I feel he has that natural ability to keep the audience amazed with his cold and calculating acting.

I do realize that the whole Dana and Peter issue is thrown off because of my choices but it could be swapped for Neil Patrick Harris and Emma Stone. For my first fan cast I am fairly pleased with they way it has turned out. How what do you think?



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