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Thomas Marsula

This review contains spoilers.

The beginning of this movie was a bit hard to follow. I wasn't sure why the team was after the specter. It was nice to see the characters established early. After Stark does has his scooby doo moment they sort of bring ultron up from out of no where. The initial problems of this move all most arrive at the start. After a successful carried out plans goes there were they have a moment of celebration with trying to pick up thor's hammer. Then ultron crashes the party and warns them of his plans. He acquires the help of quick silver and scarlet which.

Scarlet which then messes with most of the heroes minds with the acceptation of hawk eye who gets a lot of a push in this movie. Ironman battles an angered Hulk which was a great battle as expected. Ironman sees that the only way to combat ultron is through an upgraded Jarvis. After being swiped from ultron Jarvis is added to this power source. Captain America doesn't see this as the right way. Thor has visions and opens the container unleashing vision into the world. They set up for battle to stop Ultron from picking up a part of the world and dropping it back down causing the rest of the world to fall apart.

Quick silver saves Hawk eye and in turns end up dead in this one movie just so the other version can't meet. They protect the device that will drop that island and get everyone off before getting off and wiping out the island. Here is my video based on this:

Overall this movie for me is an 8 out of 10.


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