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The hit CW series 'Arrow' has concluded it's 3rd season, which I must say, wasn't good at all, it was OH-SO TOTALLY EPIC! But there's still a wide range of antagonists that I personally love, that weren't shown in season 3 at all! Not to mention, there are a ton of under-used characters that should make it to the small screen.

Season 4 should consist of some new, fresh villains, and I have some suggestions below!


Because why not? Apart from Lady Shiva, she's my absolute FAVORITE female assassin in the DC universe, I mean, who WOULDN'T love Cheshire? Her entire character, is oh-so fantastic.She is an expert in both martial arts and the use of poisons.

What makes her truly interesting, is that she has a passionate, romantic connection with Roy Harper, AKA Red Arrow, It WOULD be amazing to have seen her and Roy's connection, however, Colton Haynes (red Arrow) has already left the show, what a bummer. Besides that, there is still a ton to explore into about her, such as her early life, during the Vietnam War, or when she joined Deathstroke's Titans East, and so on.


There's something about him which I'd think would give a lot more character to the show, it just feels having him star as a villain would be a super-mega bonus for 'Arrow', because, let's be honest, there have definitely been some great villains on the show, but nothing quite like Aftermath. He is a villain in New Earth, who wants to obtain something called the Worlogog, AKA the blueprint of the entire universe, but he came into conflict with all members of Justice League Elite. (Green) Arrow was sent with the Justice League Elite to take him down.

Blood Rose

She seems like such an interesting character, since, not only is she (obviously) a foe of (Green) Arrow, Blood rose also has links to his past, and carries grudges against him. I'm honestly quite surprised that she hasn't appeard in many icomic books, and also being an under-used character. Blood rose has been amassing data on Oliver Queen for years,

She shot Green Arrow non-fatally, wishing to avoid the wrath of his superhero peers, and they retreated to the waterfront to regroup and plan anew. Green Arrow managed to track them down using Blood Rose's energy signature and they renewed their battle. She covered an arrow filled with chemicals that could harm Midas but Green Arrow blew her up, reducing her to components. -


An ancient horror, Parallax, one of the seven emotional entities, is comprised of pure fear that can possess other beings. It is known to ravage planets and strike terror into the hearts of even the Guardians of the Universe.

In-fact, Parallax is responsible for possessing one of Arrows friends, Hal Jordan. Green Arrow didn't have much choice, so he shot an arrow into Hal's heart. However, due to Parallax Hal survived.

Parallax is a completely different villain, from all the others noted in the DC universe, and he certainly is bad-ass, alright. I can already imagining him taking on Arrow right now, and it looks totally wicked!

Lady Shiva

I absolutely LOVE LADY SHIVA!! She's been encountered as a ruthless villain, but at times, a heroic vigilante, making her character quite controversial, to some extent.

Lady Shiva is most likely the deadliest assassin in the DC Universe. Shiva has trained Batman and has also trained the third Robin, Tim Drake. Shiva's daughter, Cassandra Cain, would later become the second Batgirl.

It has been rumored in the past, however, that this following lady, COULD POSSIBLE be Lady Shiva:

I seriously hope it's true.



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