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Thomas Marsula

This review contains spoilers.

A basic story where Mad Max is captured and used as a hood ordainment of a car. While Furyiosa goes off the path and gets her leader mad. Thus a wild chase down fury road begins. And the next twenty or so minutes is pure action, and action done correctly I might add. You can see all of it, in fact this is over burdened to the best of it's ability with action.

They and up driving a sand storm where they lose some men. At some point Max is able to fight out of most of his restraints. He catches up with Furyiosa and demands help. She sees there's no other way or else the others will catch up. One of their members Nux joins them as well. Furyiosa tricks some guys she owed oil too as they continue down the path. They end up seeing a trap and Furyiosa recognizes some of the others a part of it. They also join her but tell her they passed the green place.

After discovering it no longer exist Max tells them they should go back because the base is left empty. They travel back in the last action scene as they lose Nux and one of the pregnant woman they will traveling with. Here is my video below:

I give this movie a 7 out of 10.


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