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Thomas Marsula

This review contains spoilers.

This movie has a basic story of family moves into a house that so happens to be on ancient burial grounds thus poltergeist is unleashed. The family in this version is done in a minimum way. The young sister copies her older sister who is obsessed with technology. And the boy is fearful and when things go wrong at first and tries to tell his parents they don't believe him.

The young girl is captured and leads up to a pretty Ok moment where the audience can see her shadow running up the stairs. It leads to a pretty dull attempt of a jump scare. I will say that the actors do at least try to react well enough. They go as far as to send in a drone to help her out after the paranormal team is invited in. All the other attempts of "jump scares" were so over played that this movie just became about watching them try to get her out.

While this does provide a pretty good moment of the brother saving her sister it just comes off as ok. There relationship had very little set up so but the time anyone gets here it's like "I saved her just because, it's my fault." Again it could have been a lot deeper. It's not by means the worst horror movie or worst reboot but it isn't really a great film either. Here is my video review:

I give this movie a 4.5 out of 10.


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