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Movie's and I have a special kind of relationship. Also books are life.
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Being a huge fan of books plus studying literature at degree level, ofcourse i'm going to say, you should read the book before/or atleast as well as watch the film. But why do so many people constantly ignore this advice, I mean if anyone knows best on this subject, it's those that have actually read the books as well as watch the films right? So why do people continue to do this, well i'm guessing it's to do with time, money and general lack of interest in reading, all very valid points, so i'm going to give 10 reasons why you definitely should read that book.

1. Better Character Descriptions

So we've all seen Twilight, don't lie to me. Whether we like it or not, we've seen it. In the novel, many characters are portrayed quite differently, um hello, did you see "Victoria's" strawberry blonde hair? Yeah that was actually meant to be flaming red, to represent her fiery aggressive personality. But in all seriousness, this happens alot and it's a shame because the characters in the movies are rarely better than those in the books. You're definitely given more personality description, which helps you understand the plot more, there is a reason authors go into a lot of depth with their characters, it's part of the story, if you bugger that up then your buggering the entire plot.

2. Important Scenes CUT

This is an obvious one, but honest to god its so important. It's understandable that when making a 2hr movie out of a 100,000 word tome, your going to have to be slightly ruthless with what you keep in and what you throw out. But what gets me is, directors often cut out important details that are imperative to understanding the story, and then all the movie goers think 'Ahh this is rubbish, I don't even understand it'. In all honesty, what really gets my goat though is the fact they replace these scenes with scenes of their own making that weren't even IN the novels, they even do this with characters and you're left thinking, why did you put that in when you could have put the original scene in and made it fantastic! Fuming.

3. Plot Change

Lets face it, this has got to be the worst one going. When your favorite book is turned into a film and given a completely different ending. Not only does it not make sense for watchers unknown to the novels, people assume that's how it was supposed to end and are completely put off the film franchise and the books because they think that it's rubbish. Nooo this isn't fair on anyone, I can't imagine how the authors must feel seeing their brilliant novel completely destroyed and then people blame them for the crappy story.

4. Directors Perception

Most of us have heard about directors and authors having it out with eachother because the directors vision for the novel is completely different to what it was meant to be, quite recently this happened between E. L James the author of '50 Shades of Grey' and the director of the movie. It was in all the good movie magazines and some mainstream celeb mags. The feud between the writer and the director over artistic vision. I mean come on people, people read those books for how they were portrayed in those books by its author, not by a director that wants to get all artsy on it.

5. Actor/Actress Bad Screen Connection

Again this is another one that crops up alot. When making characters real life, the actor/actress has to be able to portray there relationship with other characters perfectly. Unfortunately, because the real word isn't as easy as that and actors and actresses often lose professionalism over quarrels with other members of cast, it can sometimes be difficult to cast two perfect characters that will get along with each other in the way they are supposed too. And unfortunately, you can often tell on the screen when that mojo isn't there, ruining the characters and ultimately, the movie. So if you read the book, atleast you know that those characters actually get on beautifully, in fact there relationship is so perfect, you want it for yourself.

Now I recognize that some people don't read the books for multiple reasons, so i'm going to try and make those reasons non-existent with a few tips:

1. Funds. Now I know people would rather pay for a movie ticket than have to pay for the entire collection of the book series so what I suggest is LIBRARIES. Nearly every county, town, city and school has one, all you've got to do is sign up (most are free) and then bam, you've got yourself some free books.

2. Time. I know some people think that reading the book will just take ages but this isn't necessarily true, most books that are turned into movies are written so well that even though it could be a large book, you get through it quickly, it doesn't feel like it drags on.

3. Energy. A lot of people are just too lazy to read the books, but it's honestly worth it in the end, you'll think that you can't be bothered and it's easier to watch the film but then you'll watch the film and wished you'd read the book to get the full scoop on the imaginary world.

4. Don't like reading/can't read. Well maybe now's the time to start? Books aren't as scary and daunting as they look, I know most people just think of all the crappy books you were made to read at school as a general perception of books, but trust me the right book is out there that you will happily read and ignite your passion for reading. If you can't read very well then start off with something small, take it slow, page by page. You'll be so proud of yourself once you've finished it, you'll want to find the next book and not even bother with the movie!

Once again I thank all my lovely readers and love feedback on my articles so I can improve and grow as every writer should. I hope you all enjoy this article and decide to read more of my work! Please comment, share, follow for more!!!




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