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They just released it on twitter. Here the first pic of them filming together.

They are back for six episode revival and the most of actors is back. It would be interesting to see them doing more of filler with story episodes. It had been since 2008 like 7 years. It is still including paranormal Phenomenon related cases and make it more scarier. It would make it feel like old school from 90's into this new generation. It is like early reunion. I hope they do it well enough for couple more seasons to wrap their character up for retirement and pick up new duo like new Mulder and Scully type of character.

This will be limited TV series like they did with 24. This is more like miniseries. It take place after The X-Files 2 from 2008. It will continue from there.

Hope you enjoy this first look of them.


Are you excited for X-Files revival?


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