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The are 5 main reason to be thrilled about Batman vs Superman coming out in 2016.

1. It is show how they meet and team up.

There are couple reason why they will be fighting each other because they have different perspective of being heroes until the end they gave up fighting to solve the problem to work together.

2. It is pre-Justice League

There is Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and possible Cyborg show up in this movie. They know they are not alone in the earth having superpower. We will probably expect that Batman and Superman will team up and work together that might inspires other heroes to form a team. This is why it is subtitled Dawn of Justice. It is how Justice League started and formed. This is opening for bigger universe.

3. Two popular superheroes in the whole world in the same movie

Many people like Batman and Superman. Many of them have sides by sides with Batman and Superman. For an example: Team Batman and Team Superman. We don't have to worry about waiting for them for long time like Nolan's batman to Man of Steel. Instead do Nolan's style of superman trilogy why not throw them two in the same movie for all massive fans like us to watch our both popular superheroes in the same movie. There is many fans for Superman and Batman and combines them equal huge success.

4. We got two infamous villains Lex Luthor and Joker (cameo)

We got Lex Luthor in this movie along with Joker as cameo to set up for suicide squad like five month after Batman vs Superman. Unfortunately, Lex Luthor does not team up with Joker. I know many of us would like to see that happen one day.

5. It could be bigger than Marvel.

DC have been around a long time before marvel. DC had old super friend tv series, 5 superman movies and 8 Batman movies, nolan included. They had been successful. They were not really shared, but were separated. The reason was separated because there was two different fanbase for Batman and Superman. No one ever imagine them being together in one movie. Marvel were different story because they gave away right to different movie pictures. No one was fans with Iron Man,Captain America, Hulk before movie was made with The Avengers. The Avengers boosted all the fans. While DC already have massive amount of fans and have them come together to make bigger number than Avengers. It is possible for DC to break Marvel's record and jump from below to up high number instead going individuals. If do individuals on DC, They would be afraid they would flop. It is smart way for them to introduce all of heroes in the movie to get familiar and leaving wanting more about heroes like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, and cyborg.

Sound off below what another reason why we should be thrilled for Batman vs Superman


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