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Hey, guys! Now let me be clear... I am not suggesting that these people be in a new reboot of Mortal Kombat. I have just come up with a list of people from movies and comic books that I think would be cool to see fight in the infamous tournament. Also, not everyone on this list is a mortal.

Let's get started:

1. Black Widow

First person on the list is Black Widow I know she's not the baddest in town, but there's a reason why she made it onto the Avengers. Now let's say she isn't allowed to use her weapons during the tournament. Not a problem! Ms. Romanov is a world class athlete, gymnast, acrobat, and is a master of several forms of martial arts, including karate, judo, ninjitsu, aikido, savate, various styles of kung fu, and boxing. I haven't even heard of some of those, so they must be pretty dangerous. Seeing her finesse her way through the tournament would be pretty darn cool.

2. Spider-Man

Next is my favorite Marvel hero (besides Cap, of course), SPIDER-MAN. *cue heroic music* Spider-Man is a headache for anyone that attempts to go up against him and not just because of his jabbering. I don't even need to explain why he would be a great addition to the tournament... but I'm going to anyway. His spider-sense keeps him one step ahead, his acrobatics and perfect equilibrium allows him to kick you in the face in at least 57 different ways, and he wouldn't even need his web shooters (although they could help). Don't forget about his superhuman strength and agility! He's one heck of a hero, and would be one heck of an opponent in the tournament.

3. Ryu

Yeeahhh, that's right. You know him. You love him (unless you were fighting against him). Mr. Hadouken himself, Ryu! From one of my favorite games as a child, Ryu has always been a character I couldn't help but recognize. I mean how could you forget that face?

Trick question. You can't.
Trick question. You can't.

Let me say that Ryu has learned a lot of special moves from the martial art form ansatsuken, which means 'the assassins fist.' Enough said, right? For those of you that don't know, Ryu has already been through a martial arts tournament, called 'The World Warrior,' where he fought skilled martial artists from around the world. In Thailand, he came across the muay thai boxer Sagat or also known as 'King of the Street Fighters.'

Ryu had become so consumed by his own desire to win the tournament, he allowed himself to be taken over by the Satsui No Hadou (surge of killing intent) and used the 'Destroying Rising Dragon Fist' (that's one heck of a name) to knock out Sagat and win the tournament. I'd imagine that would come in handy in Mortal Kombat, don't you think?

4. The Bride (from Kill Bill)


First, if you haven't seen any of the Kill Bill movies, check them out. I'm sure they're still on Netflix. Second, I added The Bride to the list, well, because she's badass with a sword or no sword, this lady could pick you apart faster than you could say, "What are you doing in my house?" She has mad karate skills and singlehandedly defeated 88 punks with swords! I think that alone makes her worthy to be entered into the tournament of Mortal Kombat. You know who I'd like to see her go up against as she's armed with her sword? Wolverine. Which brings us to the next butt kicker on the list...

5. Wolverine

Wolv... Wait, wrong picture. Hold on...

Alright. There we go. Anyway, Wolverine isn't just all claws. With or without them, he's an expert martial artist, being one of the most skilled hand-to-hand combatants in the Marvel Universe. Spending a lot of his days in Japan, he has become a master of virtually all forms of martial arts, and is experienced in virtually every fighting style on Earth. Remind you of someone (don't worry, he's on the list, too)? For Pete's sake, he ate his own flesh to stay alive when he was trapped under a glacier for months! Let's not forget about his rapid healing factor, which makes him even harder to take out. He is a hardened fighter who isn't afraid of death. When in close combat, Wolverine has been known to fall into a berserker rage, where he unleashes his animalistic aggression on his opponent. Now that I think about it... The Bride wouldn't stand a chance.

6. Jason Statham

Whoa, hey.. take it easy there guy
Whoa, hey.. take it easy there guy

Now the reason I didn't name one of the characters he's played in one of his movies is because he's got a lot of brass in pretty much every single one of 'em. In nearly each one, Statham is a risk taking, martial artist who thinks on his feet. The same feet that'll kick you in the head. Combine all of his characters into one, that's the Jason Statham I think would be an awesome addition to the tournament. He's not super bulky, so you know he'd be underestimated. Just wait until he covers himself in oil causing you to fail to get a hand on him, while he slips, slides, and kicks your candy - well, you know what I mean.

C'mon mate.. bring it
C'mon mate.. bring it

"He doesn't stand a chance against anyone in the tournament. He'd die!" Hey! I'm sure he could kick Johnny Cage's butt, and Cage beat that four-armed ponytail.

7. Green Arrow

Now... son of a... Where do these pictures come from?!

Hope this is how Oliver looks in Season 4 (;
Hope this is how Oliver looks in Season 4 (;

THERE. Now that better not happen again... it's embarrassing. Anyway! This is a last second change. A lot of people like to say, "Oh, he's nothing but a bow and arrow!" Yeah, and Batman is nothing but a utility belt... poppycock! Even without the bow, Mr. Queen deserves a spot in the tournament. Let's talk about how he is without his infamous weapon. He is experienced in several forms of martial arts including judo, wing chun, taekwando, as well as eskrima. Ever even heard of that last one? Yeah, me either.

Proclaimed as a martial arts master, he has easily shown the ability to take on several people at once. Green Arrow is a product of several months of training, dedicated to becoming a better fighter, under the tutelage of many of the world's finest martial artists - including Natas, the man who trained Deathstroke. As you can see, he wouldn't need his bow or his toys in the tournament. He would compete just fine.

8. Bruce Lee

Now Bruce Lee was a phenomenal martial artist in real life as well as in his movies. I know you might be thinking, "He's not a character..." Well, technically he was one in his films. I had to put Bruce Lee on this list. In my opinion, he could take any of the mortals from the actual Mortal Kombat on any given day. During his lifetime, he created his own form of martial arts, known as jeet kune do. Lee suggested it was a form of Chinese kung fu, yet without form. In the film Enter the Dragon, Lee was asked, "What's your style?" and Lee replied with, "Whats my style? You can call it the art of fighting, without fighting." That right there would make an opponent think he was full of hot air, until WHAM, you just got kicked in the face.

Lee was a spontaneous fighter, who took his own advice, and had become shapeless - like water. That's what would make him a highlight of the tournament. His astonishing skill, and spontaneity. In my eyes, he was the most proficient martial artist to have ever lived. So far.

9. Daredevil

Bet'cha didn't see this one coming... ha, bet you didn't see... that coming...

Hey, it was just a joke
Hey, it was just a joke

Bad jokes aside. Daredevil. The Man Without Fear. Who's to say a blind man can't kick your butt? Daredevil's loss of sight has heightened his other senses, giving him nearly superhuman radar. Even though he has no physical superhuman attributes, he is a master of hand-to-hand combatant. His moves are unique blends of the martial arts, ninjutsu, aiki jujutsu, jujutsu, kung fu, capoeira, judo, aikido, wrestling, and stick fighting combined with American boxing (of course) while making full use of his gymnastic skills. I'd like to see him fight Spidey in the tournament. What a show that'd be. Better yet, I'd love to see him fight our next expert of butt kicking on the list...

10. Batman

Last but NOT least, the Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader. The Batman. With his incredible smarts and athletic prowess, Batman is no walk in the park for those who dare to test him. You could take his utility belt away, and he would still be a phenomenal part of the tournament (can you tell that I love Batman?).

Batman has extensively trained in various martial arts including muay thai, kickboxing, jujutsu, karate, judo, savate, and ninjutsu, among many, many others. Thus, making him one of the most skilled hand-to-hand combatants in the DC Universe. Believe it or not, people underestimate the Bat because he's only human and say, "There's no way he could defeat superhumans, he's just a man!" Yeah, a man who saved his imprisoned teammates from super-powered extraterrestrials in Grant Morrison's first storyline in JLA. Superman even called him, "The most dangerous man on Earth." He is a force to be reckoned with, with or without the gadgets. He is the Batman.

Before I wrap it up here, here are some honorable mentions:

Deathstroke & Deadpool

Black Cat

Iron Fist

Black Panther

That concludes my list, folks! I know there's a lot more characters out there to throw into the discussion, so let me hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading!


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