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Strolling the web, I came across a Batmobile for sale. A popular site used for buying and selling random items, Craigslist, has a featured a "Best of Craigslist" featuring the 1991 Geo Tracker Batmobile!

I can't help but think of the mind of the individual who clearly spent a lot of time and money on building up his or her Tracker.


One feature for the Batmobile for sale are the 125,328 crime-fighting miles racked up. If you're looking for a topless Batmobile, you're in luck, the top comes off! Unfortunately if you're responding to a potential murder in this heroic vehicle, it's 4 cylinders will make you too late to save anyone. But, if you're budget cannot exceed that of $6,000 you're in luck to get your hero-feet off the ground and into a head-turner!

Unfortunately you'll end up spending more time looking for gas to fill the tank. As labeled on the gas cover, it only takes "Bat Gas".


Those "Tuff" wheels will get you up and down any driveway in its way! If you find yourself on gravel, put it in 4-wheel drive and hit the Bat-Turbo button and those jet pack exhausts will get you cruising right over it.

That was fun, thanks to the lister "Ron" for the humorous moment today!

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