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I would love to see an entirely new Spiderman movie. It would need to be set a little darker, similar to Netflix's Daredevil. New York should have a heavy cast over it to make it resemble a realistic Gotham type environment. If the city is in desperate need of a superhero, then it makes sense that it would be heavily ruined especially in highly populated areas with high crime rates. I would like to see Spiderman evolving as the city progresses into a deeper depth of devastation.

Spiderman- Peter Parker played by Dylan O'Brien

For the role of Peter Parker, we need an actor who can blend in as a scared civilian that remains a chameleon among the city's population.

Dylan O'Brien
Dylan O'Brien

Dylan has proven that he can bend the line between characters. He simultaneously played the funny, lovable best friend and a dark emotionless monster through possession on season 3 of Teen Wolf. He would be able to come across as the same timid Peter Parker his friends always knew, while also putting on a brave face at night to fight crime.

Mary Jane Watson played by Stefanie Scott

Mary Jane Watson needs to have the girl next door appearance that Peter is so attracted to, but she also needs to have the modest sex appeal which has been transcending through the comics for years, making her a fan favorite.

Stefanie Scott
Stefanie Scott

Stefanie Scott has both the characteristics that fans come to expect from Mary Jane. She is pivotal in the motivation Peter needs to fulfill his role as a hero.

Kingpin played by Alec Baldwin

Kingpin has a force that makes him terrifying, despite the fact that he is powerless. That power has to be able to come through, rather than be seen. We need an actor who is intimidating, ruthless, and powerful.

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin

Although Alec Baldwin is not the necessary size to play Kingpin, he has the ability to dominate anyone who he comes in contact with. He is known for playing extremely powerful characters, and is usually not to be messed with. With modern technology, he could easily be transformed into a larger man, with the bulk we expect from Kingpin.

Aunt May played by Meryl Streep

I would like to see Aunt May played by a strong woman. Between her strength and wisdom, Peter is given advice that helps build his character.

Meryl Streep is such a versatile actress. She is capable of playing any character, but I think she would exceed in this role. Her voice holds so much comfort, but also has a strength to it that leads people to listen. Above all, she has the softness that fans can relate to the original character.

Harry Osborn played by Wes Gibbins

Harry has such a unique role. He has to be able to play multiple personas. First you have the rich son of Norman Osborn, who has to live up to the name and expectations associated with it. At the same time, he is a good friend to Peter Parker, who is considered largely below him in social status. Finally, he will eventually turn into one of Spiderman's biggest villains, carrying on in his fathers footsteps as the Goblin.

Wes Gibbins has the charisma and charm you expect to see in Harry Osborn, but he is capable of transforming into the dark role associated with the Goblin.


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