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In April, we witnessed the final battle between Batman and the Joker that left both men assumed dead in the catacombs of Gotham City. But, as we know this can't be the end of the story. Gotham still needs a hero to step forth and show the world that evil can't take this town. This is the story of that hero, as a new man steps up and takes on the mantle of the Batman and shows the city and the world that Batman is not just a person in a suit. He's also a symbol for hope and a symbol that evil just won't win while he's around. This is the story of James Gordon, the new Batman of Gotham City.

A few months ago, Scott Snyder told us his plans of what he was going to be doing to Batman following "Endgame". As he put it, it will be a concept that has never been done in the 75 years of the franchise. We saw the costume, and we laughed at it saying he looks like a combination of "the Tick" and "Chappie". We said this isn't the Batman we expect and many said that they refuse to buy the comic until Bruce Wayne returns. But, for those people, they missed out on a story that is filled with both action and intrigue, with a tiny bit of mystery thrown in. The fate of Bruce Wayne isn't resolved yet in this issue, and that is part of what makes this book as compelling as it is. The issue explores how different Bruce and James will end up being. For Bruce, it was always that the man makes the hero. He never relied on super gadgets to win the day. It was all about his intelligence and his wits. But, for Gordon it will be the opposite. A 46 year old man in a Batman costume is not to intimidating. So, what can the city do to scare criminals? They give him a costume that shows fear. This time, the costume makes the man. Give this book a chance, as you will not be disappointed. If not, at least you'll get a good laugh out of the costume colors that Gordon had to choose from. I give this book a 9 out of 10 and I am curious to see where this storyline is going from here. Plus, an excellent cliffhanger promises to shape the future of the Dark Knight for the next few months.


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