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My perspective on how they work on own cinematic universe in their own ways.

Marvel Cinematic Universe:

  • They worked through solo films to lead up to The Avengers and did it again with Avengers 2. It is now total 12 soon will be 13 with Antman coming up.
  • They done two tv shows airs on ABC is Agent of Shields and Agent Carter. Soon will be third spinoff with Agent of Shield.
  • They worked with Netflix to lead up to The Defenders starting with Dare Devil.
  • Now all the works of MCU total is around 17 titles.

DC Cinematic Universe

  • They Started with Man of Steel because they thought it would be great time to start with shared universe after Nolan's Batman trilogy.
  • Two popular superheroes in the same movie coming up with third popular superhero is Wonder Woman. They are DC's trinity. They are more popular than Avengers.
  • They decided not to do solo first like Marvel did with Iron man,Thor, Captain America. They probably afraid they would flop because what after Green Lantern came out in 2011 was lack of story and structure.
  • They decide to put all heroes in the same movie when they are cameos or small roles for fan to get know who they are first then depth into solo movies lead to Justice League.

I predict DC might beat Marvel because popularity and more longer fan than The Avengers. DC came longer then Marvel.


  • DC came out in 1934
  • Superman was created in April 1939, first movie in 1978, They also had multiple superman show and the longest one is Smallville from 10 season long with Justice League back in 2007 after solo episodes each season for flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Green Arrow then come together.
  • Batman was created in May 1939, first movie in 1989
  • Justice League was formed in March 1960
  • Wonder Woman had first appearance in 1941
  • Darkseid was created in 1970
  • Wonder Woman had her first tv show was popular in 1975-1979

other story, Marvel would beat DC because their success and box office of all the time. They came up with cinematic universe. Marvel fans might think DC copying Marvel or calling Darkseid ripoff from Thanos. Marvel might come up ways to pick on DC's ripping off from Marvel.


  • Marvel came out 1939(five years after DC)
  • Avengers was formed in 1963(three years after Justice League)
  • Iron Man was created in 1963
  • Thor was created in 1962
  • Captain America was created 1941
  • Thano was created in 1973(three years after Darkseid.
  • Iron Man was start of shared universe in 2008.

We have to wait and see after Batman vs Superman comes out then Justice League to see which one makes more money and more popular especially remain the same number from very beginning of their creations back in 1930's and 70's since they came up with solo and team up.

You have to decide for yourself below !!!!


Which one is way better or will be lot better in feeling?


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