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This is the story of a man with 3 now kids and a wife who is in prison,Andrea,Jamal,Hakeem.It all started so boring watching a movie like this ,but when i went deep into what am supposed to understand,i felt everything every character was feeling,most of all Andrea's feel,what it feels like to be the eldest son and they give you no regards just because you married a white woman.

Lucious still likes cookie but he cant get himself to believe it..............He asked a girl(Anika)who betrayed him after finding out he slept with his ex wife Cookie and he asked her for marriage.Jamaal came out gay at a white party that was suppose to be meant for the family,were Lucious and his other two sons(Jamal and Hakeem).

After this event Lucious gave his children gifts,jamaal's was empire and the other two bro became jealous.

And their father was arrested for murder on the same night Jamal came out



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