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So with the creation of many new TV shows, mainly DC but also Marvel, it opens new doors for new heroes that maybe wouldn't get a movie.

As of the day I write this, DC has 6 TV shows out now or coming out soon. Those shows are, Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham, Supergirl and Titans. It is unclear whether all of these shows will intertwine. Arrow, Flash and LOT all are on the CW and crossovers have already been confirmed. Supergirl is on CBS but is being made by the same people as Arrow and Flash, so hopefully that leaves a door into a crossover. Titans is going to be on TNT and not by the same people. Hopefully they are able to do a crossover, maybe Colton Haynes playing Arsenal turned Red Arrow and working with the team? Or he could stay as Arsenal but join the team. That would be a great addition to the group of as confirmed now, (more to join) Nightwing, Star Fire, Raven, Hawk and Dove. Cyborg is not on it because in the New 52 he is a founding member of the Justice League so there is no point in him taking a step down to the Titans. Gotham is set in the past and is more of a prequel to Batman so he will not be crossing over. Constantine is not on this list because the show has not been picked up for a second season yet. Now on with the list...

5. Booster Gold

An insecure man from the future who was fed up with being average comes back in time to become a hero. Using futuristic technology and a knowledge of when threats occurred he performed high publicity saves in order to become more popular. He starts off as annoying and a showboat but as his series progressed he becomes a true hero and much more likable. The show itself could be difficult to create due to the amount of special effects required. However, I think that he could provide a very interesting character and show. Due to his connection to the future, he could be introduced through Legends of Tomorrow, also Rip Hunter from Legends of Tomorrow trains him. As well as Booster being Rip's father in the future. The time travel concept could be hard to convey in a TV show, but Flash managed to do it well. Hopefully we can see Booster Gold or a reference to him in the upcoming [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021).

4. Human Target (Christopher Chance)

Christopher Chance is a private investigator and bodyguard. For ten percent of anyone's yearly income he will take their identity for a period of time to protect them from assassinations or robberies. A show was attempted in 2010 but did not receive much critical support. What if they retried it now by introducing him in one of the current shows, maybe Arrow? I think this series could turn out very well.

3. Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)

The Blue Beetle in his full suit along with wings
The Blue Beetle in his full suit along with wings

Jaime Reyes was a teenager in Texas when an alien scarab fused itself with him. The scarab gave him a super suit that he uses to fight crime. The super suit grants him flight through a set of wings, invulnerability because the suit itself is so tough it can protect him from re-entry into earth. Also, the suit can create many weapons such as a sword and shield and an energy cannon. Supposedly the suit can create weapons of the Weapons of Mass Destruction (W.M.D.) category, but he refrains from using them to protect the world. The Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are close so they could appear together. No matter what, I hope he gets his own show, such a powerful character could fit in with the current direction DC is going on television.

2. Martian Man Hunter

J'onn J'onzz or better known as the Martian Man Hunter is one of the least loved members of the Justice League yet he is one of the most powerful. He is Martian in origin and often struggles with loneliness on this foreign planet. This leads to spending a lot of time in the Watchtower until he comes down and starts to live on Earth. He has numerous powers and abilities that set him apart. He can fly, control his density, read minds/perform telepathy in general but also has telekinesis, he is also a shape shifter, he has super strength, he can breathe underwater and has 9 senses, compared to human's 6. Watching him interact and learn to blend in as a human would be very entertaining. I am not sure how he would be introduced but I hope it can be done!

1. The Question (Vic Sage)

Vic Sage is a private investigator who goes after corruption in politics. He is one of the only members of the League who goes after things other than crime, similar to Arrow's Oliver Queen in the beginning of Season 1. He uses a synthetic mask to hide his face which is very "memorable." He doesn't have any full fledged powers. However, he is in excellent physical condition, he is incredibly smart and his mask is made out of synthetic fibers that he can see and breathe through. Similar to Batman, he is a great detective. However, he is willing to kill if it comes down to it. He is somewhat ridiculed by the rest of the league. He also received training from the League of Assassins and was buried at Nanda Parbat after he died of lung cancer. I know Kevin Smith is trying to create a movie for the Question but I think he could make a great show.

Hope you enjoyed the list! Comment below what you think and any other additions you would add or who you would take off. Also, a MARVEL edition will be out within the week so keep on the lookout for that!


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