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I am a Marvel and a DC fan. I read manga and watch anime. I am an artist too. I read a lot of fantasy and Mystery novels.

Everyone is excited over this and making their dream cast for the series so here is an idea for my Dream cast!

as Tim Drake/ Robin

Avan Jogia

He has played many different types of characters in his career so I think he'd be perfect to don the mask and cape of Tim Drake. He's shown us he's atheltic (Victorious) and he can be very dark and brooding (twisted).


Victoria Justice

Reason? She's spunky Sweet and has amazing chemistry with Avan. Can she play the sweet, loud and strong Tamaranian princess? Heck yes she can! She showed us in The Boy who Cried Werewolf that she has some great athletic ability which anyone who played Starfire would need to keep up with her Teen Titan counter parts.


Ashley Greene

Best known for playing alice Cullen in twilight.

Wonder Girl/ Cassie Sandsmark

Emma Watson

its Emma Watson need I say more? She showed well that she can do anything needed for acting. She is most famous for playing our favorite witch Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and now to be soon playing Belle in Disney's live action Beauty and the Beast. Can she pull off the the demi-god wonder girl?

Beast Boy

Joel Courtney

Known for being in Super 8, The messengers, and Sins of our youth I think Joel Courtney can pull off being lean mean and green!


Leon Thomas III

Known for his role in Victorious tv series on Nickelodeon, he was also praised for his role in August Rush, Sins of our Youth.


Charlie Ray

Known for Little Manhattan and tv movie Company town she was also in the episode: Underbelly from Law and Order special victims Unit.


Kristin Herrera

in General Hospital, Freedom writers, Resurrection Mary, and her role Dana Cruz in Zoey 101. After playing snobby rude and mean Dana Cruz (season 1 of zoey 101) I think she can pull off Evil Blackfire without a hitch.

Super Boy

Blake Michael

Known for his role as Tyler James in Dog with a Blog, he was also in the Lemonade Mouth tv movie, an episode of True blood. After playing teenage Alcide Herveaux I think he can pull off playing the role of Super boy!

and if these characters make appearances in the show


Jeanette Mcurdy

Lets just say it. Jeanette is badass. Known mostly for Icarly and Sam and Cat, and even an episode appearance in Victorious as crazy Ponnie. Even helped in the short The Death and Return of Superman.


Taylor Lautner.

What can I say? after playing in everything he has been in I think he can pull off being the protegee of the Dark Knight.


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