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Here are a couple reasons why the Cw universe should be brought to film.

  • If you have seen the Dc's Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer (Featured Below) You know the Cw has already set some pretty epic heroes. With tons of heroes and a lot of story already set if Arrow, The Flash, and (Upcoming TV series Dc's Legends of Tomorrow) take to film imagine what they could do. With new technology, Imax, and updated C.G.I they could make a money paying movie that fans would love.

  • If you've seen Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Planet of the Apes Series, and The Hobbit Trilogy you know C.G.I. has had some ground breaking improvements. With this tech Dc could make some monumental films. The Cw already have good C.G.I. like Grodd (In the Picture Below) Imagine what they could do to him in the movies.
Gorilla Grodd from (The Flash Cw)
Gorilla Grodd from (The Flash Cw)

If Dc still wants to stick to their plan that's OK as long as they have a reasonable excuse.

A good excuse Dc could use is parallel universes or different dimensions.

If you have not seen The Flash Season Finale YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!

If you remember from The Flash Season Finale when Barry was running through time he saw the future and possibly other dimensions.They could use this to explain the show and film.

Possibly another dimension shown in the finale
Possibly another dimension shown in the finale


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