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Everyone knows I love superheroes. If you've read enough articles, you might even know I love the Fantastic Four. People were very skeptical about the latest movie being a good casting, but I agree. Hear me out. Don't just go to the comments and rant, but rather listen. There's a contest going on here at Moviepilot that is recasting a movie with a fancast. I'm going to fan cast the movie Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. For those of you who have forgotten what that looks like (I honestly don't blame you as it wasn't nearly as great as I had hoped when I first watched it), here you go.

From left to right that's Chris Evans as Human Torch, Michael Chiklis as The Thing, Jessica Alba as Susan Storm, Ioan Gruffudd as Mr. Fantastic and Doug Jones as the Silver Surfer.

Now to get down to the fancasting! I'm going to fan cast from the current pool of actors and actresses. In other words, if Rise of the Silver Surfer were made today, who would I pick? This is also being done with the comics in mind. However, I'm going from my personal favourite iteration of the comics, Ultimate Fantastic Four. They have to be ultimate for a reason, right?

Chris Evans is already busy as Captain America. I like him in that role, and therefore this fan-cast is only natural, right? My pick to take over the role of Human Torch is....*drum roll*


He's best known for his role in High School Musical, but that isn't the only thing he's done by far. People have a tendency sometimes to dismiss his acting, but he has acted in a few really good movies and done a good job. Charlie St. Cloud and The Lucky One. In addition, he has shown an ability to portray a somewhat arrogant but loveable character before. Let's face it, that describes Human Torch to a T. Dye his hair the right colour, and he looks just right for the role too!

Now, onto the next one. The Thing. Who could play a rough and tumble sort of guy who's mostly going to be CGI? Who is capable of doing voice-acting that amazing but yet is able to carry off movements and is very flexible with that sort of role?

My pick for The Thing is....


When he voiced Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, he only had one line to work with. Yet, he still managed to use it and make the character possibly one of THE most loved characters in comic history. Groot is making a killing with merchandise alone. He only had one line, and look at the wonders Vin Diesel worked. Imagine what he could do with a character who had more lines, but was still CGI. Besides all that, if they used face and body to build the basis of The Thing, Vin Diesel fits that bill nicely as well!

Next, we have fan casting for Jessica Alba...I mean Susan Storm. Nothing against Jessica Alba whatsoever. I love her acting, I really do. However, her version of Susan Storm didn't come across as authentic. Sue was my favourite part of the Fantastic Four. Sassy, sarcastic, and arguably the glue holding the ragtag team of four heroes together. In Rise of the Silver Surfer though, she came across as a bitchy fiance who wanted the wedding over with. Just an extra to the movie. It was very awkward. So, for my fan-cast I have decided on....


She's showed a wide range of characters in her roles, as well as a matching range of emotions. Often her characters portray sassy and sarcastic extremely well, as those kinds of remarks and wit are most often part of the characters. She's also shown herself extremely capable of action sequences with the Hunger Games franchise. What better person to portray the butt-kicking intelligent invisible superheroine? Jennifer Lawrence even LOOKS like Susan Storm should!

Mr. Fantastic. Wife to Sue Storm, brother-in-law to Human Torch. For his role, I've chosen to cast...


Now that he's not The Amazing Spider-man, he's wide open to take on representations of other heroes! In addition, he's already played Peter Parker, intelligent geek extraordinaire. He's shown he can portray anger, sadness, bewilderment and love in that particular role also. He can build very complex characters. He also looks enough like Mr Fantastic does in the comics to make fans happy.

Finally, time to re-cast The Silver Surfer himself. Who could fit the bill for Silver Surfer...


My favourite movie he was in is personally Warm Bodies, but he's also played Beast in X-Men First Class. He has the look for Silver Surfer, but that's secondary to the fact he has played roles where his character has been misunderstood before. In Warm Bodies, he played a zombie and made the character completely misunderstood and totally loveable. A freakin' zombie. If he can manage to do that, surely he could come up with a believable character who is an errand boy for an entity taking over the universe?

So that's it for my fan-cast for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Tell me what you think in the comments as always. Is there anyone you would've changed?


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