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Hello everybody, welcome to BATTLE ARENA, where I pit 2 fictional characters in a battle to see who is superior.

Our fighters today are

The Predator

The Predator is one of the most deadliest hunters in fiction. They run by a code of honor when they hunt down their victims, and when they do go on the hunt, it isn't pretty. From ripping out their victim's skulls as trophies to blowing them to bits with Plasma energy blasts, the Predator is definitely a creature you do not want on your tail.


  • Superhuman Strength. Predators possess strength that far exceeds normal human strength. They can effortlessly lift a full grown man with one arm and rip his entire skull and spine out with nothing but brute strength.
  • Master combatant. Predators are trained in multiple different fighting styles that allow them to kill their victims, which combined with their weapons, makes them some of the deadliest fighters out there.
  • High tech armor and gear. The Predator possesses armored plates on its person, which give it protection from blades, bullets, and corrosive acids. But as a form of challenge, the predator only has armor on its shoulders and other random spots on its body, usually leaving its chest vulnerable. The Predator also possesses its high tech face mask, which allows it to see in the night with night vision, track any target with thermal vision, and target victims with its plasma caster. The face mask also gives the Predator a small degree of protection for its face.
  • Large Arsenal of Weapons. The Predator possesses many weapons, which include.

Wrist Blades- 12 inch Blades on its wrist which allows for perfect melee combat, having the ability to slice through flesh and bone easily.

Plasma Caster- A Shoulder mounted energy blaster that can lock onto targets with perfect precision.

Spear- An extendable spear which has the piercing power to puncture steel, perfect melee weapon for the Predator.

Whip- A long metallic bladed whip, good for slicing and dicing Xenomorphs.

Shuriken- A throwable bladed disc with multiple protruding blades. Is able to puncture the large hide on a Xenomorph Queen, proving it's cutting power. Can be used as a melee weapon.

Spear Gun- A gun that fires 3 serrated metallic darts simultaneously at a target, good for keeping a target at bay.

Net Gun- A firearm that fires a net around its target, ensnaring them tightly. Perfect for immobilizing prey and allowing the Predator to get the kill.

Plasma Gauntlet- A wrist device that can fire plasma blasts like the Plasma Caster, but lacks the accuracy and range as the Plasma Caster.

Self Destruct Device- A wrist mounted device used as a last resort when the Predator knows he has lost. The device explodes, killing the Predator and whatever is in the explosion's radius.

Arm Blade- Similar to the wrist blade, but is much longer, like a small sword.

Land mines- Uses mines which, well, do what mines do, blow people up upon physical contact.

  • The Predator is highly skilled in stealth. The Predator utilizes stealth to its fullest potential, using his armor's camouflage capabilities to turn invisible and blend in with its surroundings.

Now lets look at the Predator's opponent.

Master Chief

Abducted as a kid and put in a secret military project, John 117 was augmented and transformed into the greatest soldier on Earth, Master Chief. Trained and enhanced to the point of perfection, Master Chief is no doubt the most skilled Spartan in the UNSC, but probably the most skilled soldier in fiction.


  • Superhuman Strength. Master Chief has strength that enables him to throw and toss around military vehicles like they're nothing.
  • Superhuman Speed. Master Chief's speed and reflexes are skilled to the point where Master Chief can dodge Banshee fire at point blank range. His reflexes are 8 times of that of an professional Olympic athlete.
  • Master Combatant. Having been in the military since he was a kid, Master Chief is a master combatant, knowing all military fighting styles and knowing some martial arts.
  • Expert Marksman. Give this guy a sniper and he can for surely get the kill on anything.
  • Enhanced durability. His durability is to the point where he survived a fall from orbit. Yeah. It's that good.
  • Has a high tech armor called MJOLNIR. This armor is what gives Master Chief most of his physical skills, and despite it weighing half a ton, Master Chief still moves around effortlessly. This armor also gives Master Chief access to a high tech HUD that gives him tracking and thermal vision and the AI Cortana, who is able to hack into almost any system and guide Master Chief in combat. The armor also gives Master Chief access to an energy shield that surrounds him and protects him from energy weapons and projectiles for a limited time.
  • Has access to a large variety of military and alien weaponry, which includes

Assault Rifle- A military grade weapon, equipped with armor piercing rounds, good for standard infantry.

Shotgun- A Highly deadly Pump action shotgun that is extremely deadly up close. Good for keeping enemies at bay unless they want to die.

Pistol- A standard firearm, good for being a last resort when all other weapons become useless. Usually carries 2 with him.

Rocket Launcher- A semi automatic rocket launcher that knows how to pack a punch.

Spartan Laser- Master Chief's most powerful weapon. A cannon which fires a charged laser that can kill enemies instantly, but takes a while to charge up again once fired.

Grenades- Master Chief uses military grade Frag grenades, and sometimes uses sticky grenades from his alien enemies.

Energy Sword- Taken from the Elites, Master Chief has yet to master this weapon, but does provide excellent melee coverage.

Alright, we've seen what these galactic warriors are capable of, now lets see who owns who in this fight to the death.


Fighting Simulation:

(Master Chief is seen in a jungle environment on an undisclosed location.)

Master Chief: Cortana, what are my coordinates?

Cortana: That I do not know, the planet you landed on is unknown in the database.

Master Chief: How is that possible?

Cortana: I don’t know Chief, but i’m scanning the area and there’s a temple in your vicinity.

Master Chief: Thanks.

(Master Chief runs into the jungle, only to get shot at by a Net, ensnaring the Chief.)

Master Chief: What the?

(Master Chief is then shot at by a plasma blast, knocking him onto the ground and freeing himself from the net. Master Chief quickly rolls onto his feet and aims his Assault Rifle down.)

Master Chief: Cortana, scan the area.

(Master Chief uses his HUD and looks around, detecting the Predator deep in the jungle watching him, while camouflaged.)

Cortana: He seems to be using some type of Camouflage device to become invisible.

Master Chief: Well he can’t hide from me.

(Master Chief fires his Assault Rifle at the invisible Predator. The Predator leaps down from the tree he is in and runs into the the bushes. Master Chief continues to fire at him, only for the Predator to extract his shuriken and throw it at Master Chief, slicing his hand that is holding his rifle.)

Master Chief: Dammit.

(Master Chief grabs the rifle and looks up, only to get shot by another plasma blast, knocking him onto the ground again.)

Master Chief: Cortana, he’s fast and sneaky, what do I do?

Cortana: Your best course of action is to keep him at bay, he seems to have a large variety of bladed weapons on his person.

(Master Chief gets up, only to get slashed at by the invisible Predator. The Predator slashes Master Chief multiple times with his Arm blade. Master Chief however grabs the Predator and throws him into a tree. Master Chief follows this with an onslaught of bullets which he fires at the Predator. The Predator is shot twice, but retreats into the jungle.)

Cortana: He is retreating into the jungle.

Master Chief: Keep me updated on his path, i’m going in after him.

(Master Chief reloads his rifle, then runs into the jungle after the Predator. The Predator is seen waiting for Master Chief to walk by as he is waiting in a tree. The Predator jumps down, extracts his spear, and pierces the Chief in the back with it. Master Chief turns around, smacking the Predator into a tree. Master Chief fires his rifle at the Predator, who rolls to cover. Master Chief runs out of bullets and backs away as he reloads. The Punisher sees this and throws a shuriken at Master Chief, slicing his hands. Master Chief drops his gun as the Predator disappears into the jungle.)

Cortana: I’ll keep his visuals on your heads up display.

Master Chief: His camouflage is annoying.

(Master Chief hears a noise and swings his rifle behind him, knocking the invisible Predator in the head and onto the ground. The Predator rolls onto his feet and rams into Master Chief, who grabs the Predator and knees him in the gut multiple times. Master Chief then throws the Predator to the ground, hits him in the face with his empty rifle, then quickdraws his pistol, shooting the Predator multiple times. This disables the Predator’s camouflage systems, revealing the Predator’s full body.)

Master Chief: So that’s what i’m fighting.

(The Predator roars and runs at Master Chief, extracting his wrist blades. Master Chief shoots the Predator multiple times, only for the Predator to endure the gunshots and spin kick Master Chief in the face. Master Chief pistol whips the Predator in the face then kicks him away. The Predator retaliates by taking out his shuriken and slicing Master Chief with it, using the shuriken as a melee weapon. Master Chief is protected thanks to his armor, allowing him to punch the Predator multiple times. The Predator then catches Master Chief’s fist and attempts to hold it in place, only for Master Chief to slowly overpower him. Master Chief quickly punches The Predator in the face with his other arm, only for the Predator to roll over and fire a plasma blast from his Gauntlet, knocking Master Chief over on his stomach. The Predator then takes out of his spear and slams it down onto Master Chief, slightly piercing his armor.)

Cortana: Chief, his spear is incredibly sharp.

Master Chief: I can see that.

(Master Chief flips over, kicking the Predator’s spear out of the way. Master Chief takes out his shotgun and fires it at the Predator, who moves the barrel out of the way and kicks Master Chief in the face. Master Chief rolls onto his feet and fires his shotgun at the Predator, who climbs into the trees, avoiding the gunfire. Master Chief continues to fire his shotgun into the trees as the Predator moves around from tree to tree, avoiding the gunfire. The Predator then drops down and smashes Master Chief into the ground. The Predator attempts to pierce Master Chief in the neck with his wrist blade, only for Master Chief to quickly catch his arm. Master Chief punches the Predator off him, knocking him away. The Predator gets up and quickdraws his spear gun, firing 3 metal serrated dart at Master Chief. Master Chief is unscathed by the dart and runs at the Predator, who drops down and attempts to slash Master Chief’s legs, but fails to pierce his armor. Master Chief quickly kicks the Predator, sending him flying into a tree, allowing Master Chief to take out a second pistol and shoot it at the Predator, hitting his shoulder. The PRedator quickly endures this and runs into MAster Chief, knocking him back. The Predator drops down and takes out his dagger, which he jams into Master Chief’s leg.)

Master Chief: Agh!

(Master Chief looks over at The Predator and attempts to retaliate, but is blown away by a plasma blast fired from the Predator’s plasma caster. The Predator leaps into the trees.)

Cortana: I managed to get ahold of a Spartan cargo ship, i’m dropping a care package near your location.

Master Chief: Awesome.

(Master Chief looks around as he attempts to find the Predator using his HUD, but to no avail.)

Master Chief: Where are you?

(Master Chief is struck multiple times by the Predator’s shuriken, which manage to pierce through Master Chief’s armor, but only slightly. Master Chief then manages to detect the Predator using his HUD, and throws a frag grenade towards him. The Predator retreats, avoiding the explosion. The Predator fires multiple Plasma blasts at Master Chief, who quickly activates his Energy shield for protection. The Predator realizes his plasma blasts cannot break through Master Chief’s defense, so he runs away. He looks back, only to see another grenade roll to his location. An explosion occurs, causing Master Chief to run and see if the Predator has been killed, only to come across a land mine planted by the Predator.)

Master Chief: Shit.

(The land mine explodes, blowing Master Chief away. He falls on the ground and slowly gets back, only for the Predator to wrap his whip around Master Chief’s leg, pulling him back down. The Predator runs at Master Chief, who gets up and punches the Predator, sending him flying back. The Predator stumbles around, but then narrowly dodges Master Chief’s punch. The Predator runs behind Master Chief and pulls his whip again, causing Master Chief to fall on the ground. Master Chief takes out his last frag grenade and throws it at the Predator, who ducks, causing the grenade to enter the forest and explode. The Predator rams into Master Chief, knocking him onto the ground, only for Master Chief to kick the Predator away.Master Chief runs at the Predator, who knees Chief in the gut, only for Master Chief to throw the Predator into a tree. The Predator extracts his Arm blades and slashes at Master Chief twice. Master Chief punches at the Predator, knocking him down, allowing Master Chief to grab the Predator and swing him around, smashing him into a tree. The Predator quickly kicks Master Chief in the face, then fires 3 plasma blasts form his caster in a rapid succession, blasting him back. The Predator gets up and slashes Master Chief multiple times with his whip, but Master Chief is unscathed. A care package then falls from the sky.)

Master Chief: My turn.

(Master Chief runs to the care package, only for The Predator to run at him and tackle him into the crate. Master Chief flips the Predator over him and quickly pulls out a rocket launcher from the crate. Master Chief fires a rocket at the Predator, who counters with his plasma caster. Master Chief’s rockets and the Predator’s plasma blasts counter each other, resulting in numerous explosions. Master Chief runs out of rockets, allowing the Predator to run and ram him into the ground. Master Chief runs and punches the Predator multiple times, only for the Predator to dodge and deliver his own blows. Master Chief rams his shoulder into the Predator, knocking him away, allowing Master Chief to reach into the care package and pull out his Spartan Laser. Master Chief fires it at the Predator, who rolls out of the way. The Predator runs at Master Chief, who drops the Spartan Laser and rolls back, retrieving an Energy Sword from the crate. The Predator takes out his spear and gets into a fighting stance. The 2 run at each other, with the Predator clashing his spear against Master Chief’s energy sword. The Predator swings his spear around and cuts Master Chief multiple times, only for Master Chief, to block and deflect most of the Predator’s strikes with the Energy sword. Master Chief then runs into the Predator with his full force, knocking the Predator onto the ground. The Predator gets up, but this gives Master Chief enough time to run and slash the Predator multiple times with his energy sword, eventually severing his arm. Master Chief then grabs the Predator by the throat and lifts him into the air.)

Master Chief: Now lets see your real face.

(Master Chief rips the Predator’s face mask off, revealing the Predator’s true face.)

Master Chief: And I thought the flood were ugly.

(Master Chief pierces the Predator in the chest with his energy sword, then drops the Predator onto the ground.)

Winner = Master Chief

Reason: RIP Predator, you will be missed, but Master Chief takes this Battle Arena. His Mjolnir armor gives him the durability and strength to match the Predator, who may have the stealth advantage and be more strategic in battle. Predator’s superior strategy and tactics along with his stealth might be able to allow him to hold his ground, but his invisibility is rendered useless thanks to the Chief’s HUD in his armor. Both of these 2 have vast amounts of weaponry as well, but the only things that the Predator has that could harm or hinder Master Chief is his spear, which can be able to pierce steel, so it might be able to pierce Master Chief’s armor if enough force is applied, his plasma caster and gauntlet, which can keep the Chief at bay, but Master Chief handles enemies who utilize energy blasts all the time. Now the Predators last resort, his self destruct device, might be able to harm Master Chief, but Predators only use this when they know they have lost. So if the Predator ends up using it, Master Chief would have already won, and the explosion has been outran before by normal humans, and since Master Chief has immense speed, he can outrun the explosion with no problem. Master Chief takes the win.


The hero of Hyrule!
The hero of Hyrule!


The Son of Vader
The Son of Vader

Thank you guys for reading this, I hope you guys read my next one as well. Thank you all so much! I'm having a blast making these and I hope you are reading them :) have a good day everybody.


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