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Baldwin Collins

Well i certainly would welcome the idea, but firstly I would say I've really havent forgiven the filmmakers for taking 19 years absense before making crystal skull (2008) what was the delay ? However as we all know crystal skull Wasn't warmly Received by fans, could it be our hero played by Harrison ford was much too old for the part anymore ? and doing unbelieveable action stunts, remember 19 years is a very long time. Especially when theres a new generation of film fans out there. anyway theres a change of copyright ownership disney studios are the new owners now, So probably in the not too far future we are going to see a reprisal of new idie movies, But theres one thing that puzzles me, was it the disney studios promoting the idea, that hollywood star chris pratt is there running favourite to take over the legendary role from Harrison ford ? or is it a publics fan idea ? well i certainly wasn't apart of it. but trust me. its a great pitch to the disney studios. chris pratt would be perfect for the role,

I would like to see Harrison ford make even a cameo appearence handing over his fedora hat to chris pratt in a scene. and also a possible reboot story following in the style of 'the raiders of the lost ark' (1981) any fans who agree or disagree you're feed back is welcome.


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