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Everyone is excited for the arrival of the upcoming DC Comics series Supergirl, which will be scheduled for release in late October 2015. I'm actually excited for it myself, even though I'm not a guy that reads a lot about Supergirl. However, it still might be a pretty good upcoming project!

I read on Facebook earlier that the Supergirl pilot will be shown at this year's Comic Con International convention, according to a post from Entertainment Weekly's Facebook feed. However, I've never been to Comic Con because it is a bit too far away, and because ticket prices can be very expensive, so it is best for me to watch video reviews of it, and just watch the show myself in the comfort of my home once it starts airing!

Greg Berlanti, a famous writer known for his work on The CW's shows Arrow and The Flash, was confirmed to be working on Supergirl, and this is good because to me, you can't have a "DC on TV" show without Greg Berlanti!

Now, I've come up with a list of questions that comic book nerds might ask me if I have anything to say about Supergirl, so here are my answers to the questions that people might ask me, since there is a sorta huge amount of hype on the show like there was with the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Guardians of the Galaxy.

Q: What do you think Supergirl would be like to you?

To me, the Supergirl show would be like Man of Steel with a female protagonist, and this is awesome because Man of Steel is my all-time favorite Superman film. However, I still wished that the canceled 2002 project Superman: Flyby would've been made, simply because it would've been just as enjoyable as Man of Steel!

Q: What are your thoughts on the actress who would play Supergirl?

Melissa Benoist to me looks like the right choice for the Supergirl character. I just thought of something just now; to me, the casting choice that would later be finally chosen for a superhero-themed TV show will ultimately influence the performance of the show's airing on a particular network. For instance, Stephen Amell, who played the Green Arrow on Arrow, gained a lot of popularity just for that particular role at this time, and the show will be renewed with a fourth season! How awesome is that? To me, Mr. Amell did an awesome job on Arrow, and his role as the Green Arrow is rather interesting because he played a more darker, realistic portrayal of the character, so he's sorta like the Christopher Nolan interpretation of Batman mixed with Robin Hood. I'd never heard of Melissa Benoist until sometime ago, and I forgot her name until I started typing this article, so I don't know about her that much. If Melissa Benoist's Supergirl portrayal is like Henry Cavill's portrayal of Superman in Man of Steel, it would definitely influence the performance of the show on CBS, which is the network that the show will be airing on this October. Henry Cavill did a fantastic job as Superman in Man of Steel, and I wished that the movie made over $1 billion at the box office; that's how awesome the acting in the movie is!

Q: Why didn't you read any Supergirl comics?

Well, I'm not a huge Supergirl fan, but I just don't know why. Hopefully, the TV show will help me renew my interest in the character a bit more!

Q: How would you describe your anticipation of the Supergirl TV series?

I would describe my anticipation of the show by using an analogy:

Seagulls spread their wings in a light orange sky. Under this sky is a neighborhood that reminds me of where I used to live as a child back in Fontana, California. I walk in my new house and find that the inside of the house is pretty comforting, in an abstract painting-style quality.

I do like abstract paintings, and I can't wait for Supergirl! How's that awesome analogy?

Q: If you could cast any other actress who would play Supergirl in a movie, who would she be?

In my opinion, if I could cast a different actress to play Supergirl, it would be Zoe Saldana. To me, she did an awesome job as Uhura in J. J. Abrams' Star Trek reboot films (although I'm much more of a Star Wars person, but those Star Trek movies were good in my opinion!).

That pretty much sums up the questions that some of the fanboys and fangirls might ask me about the Supergirl show!


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