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Ant-Man! That's a name no one ever thought would be relevant in the year 2015. I can confirm that at least everyone I know either reacts to the Ant-Man film news with a confused "Who's that?" or a disappointed "Really? Him?" As if Ant-Man was the "Her?" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Well now that Ant-Man is so close to its July 17th release date, and the tiny hero himself, Scott Lang is confirmed to be making an appearance in next year's highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War, a lot of people have boarded the Ant-Man hype train!

Not to sound like a professional hipster here but, I was on that train since the minute it entered the station. I am the conductor of that metaphorical train!


While I'm sure as ever that Ant-Man will be a great movie, there are some things I'm really, really hoping the film has. Specifically, four really cool things that I think would make the film even better! Yes, I know, four is a very odd number for a top list (despite being even), but these are truly the only four things I'm hoping the movie includes.


Four Things I Wanna See In The Ant-Man Film!

1. Scott Struggling To Adapt To His New Hero Life

We know for sure that Scott Lang, like his comic book counterpart, will be a criminal-turned-good guy in the upcoming film. But I don't want it to be that simple.

Pretty much all of the MCU heroes we've been introduced to have been goody-two-shoes, with the exception of the band of reformed space criminals commonly known as the Guardians of the Galaxy.

But the biggest problem I have with the MCU is that its heroes are ALWAYS the same! Sure they each have their own little quirks, but all in all, they share one common purpose; to save the world. Which is why it's so easy to bring them together as a team with the sole purpose of protecting (and if the time ever comes, avenging) the Earth.

But Scott Lang isn't even interested in becoming a superhero. The only thing he's interested in is saving his sick daughter.

Cassie Lang
Cassie Lang

As evident by his criminal past, he's willing to do anything to save her from dying. An admirable characteristic, but he doesn't always go about it in the most lawful of ways. I would love to see movie Lang constantly at war with his morality, starting with when he gets the Ant-Man suit. He could easily just run, take it to a wealthy investor, and get the money to save his daughter.

It would even be interesting to see him sort of betray Pym, and attempt to do business with the movies villain, Darren Cross. Of course, if he does do these things, we know he'll come to his senses before the epic finale. Still, it'd be a great message for all the moviegoers watching the film.

Not every hero is born, some are made.

2. Darren Cross' Transformation

Corey Stoll is set to portray Darren Cross, Scott Lang's toughest enemy ever. Cross' role in the film is just another example of the MCU taking some liberties, and changing things up a little so that it's not exactly like the comic book source material.

I am very grateful for that; making the film exactly like the book is too predictable and frankly, not creative. But, while I am excited to see Stoll suit up as the villainous Yellowjacket come July, I'd REALLY love it if they took just a little something from the comics. Something that would turn Darren Cross from this:

Into this:

Oh god!
Oh god!

What you are looking at is not Red Hulk in his golden years, but a mutated Darren Cross. See, after becoming stricken with a rare and near-incurable heart disease, Cross enlisted the help of Dr. Erica Sondheim. She managed to prolong his life using a nucleorganic pacemaker (comic words I don't know).

But in an event that can only be described as "Because comics", Darren Cross' body was mutated, transforming him into the best Rulk cosplayer in the world!

Red Hulk comparison jokes aside, I would love it if near the end of the movie, perhaps in a post-credits scene, where it seems like Cross has died, but he hasn't because everybody knows that no Marvel villain ever really dies (except you Killian...), we take a look inside his lab, where an injured Cross is being held in a containment unit, barely alive.

Suddenly, he breaks the glass of the containment unit with his newly found strength, and steps out; revealing a grotesque mutated man, seeking revenge! The perfect set up for Ant-Man 2!

3. Hank's Multiple Personality Disorder

By the time Scott's heroic adventure comes to our screens, Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man, will have already hung up the suit and retired from the superhero business. However, fans of Pym can be satisfied knowing that Marvel plans to make Hank a big part of the film. After all, it's his company that Cross is stealing, and Hank will be with Lang every step of the way, training him so that he can reclaim the Pym company, and become the hero that his city deserves!

Move over Batman!


But just because Hank isn't going to be the main focus of this film, doesn't mean we can't get a ton of background information on him; specifically his multiple personality disorder.

Hank has adopted many superhero identities over the years. There's Ant-Man, Giant Man, Goliath, and the villainous Yellowjacket.

Some of Hank's costumes. Plus his creation, Ultron.
Some of Hank's costumes. Plus his creation, Ultron.

Yep, you read that right, villainous. But what would make a superhero like Ant-Man, a founding member of the Avengers and a noble scientist, turn to a life of crime? Well, Hank suffers from mental breakdowns.

Ever since his first wife (not Janet) was murdered during a trip to Hungary, Hank has been suffering from depression and mental issues; issues that often cause him to switch personalities. He associates these personalities with the costumes that he wears. All of his personas are usually heroes, but things got bad when he debuted his first criminal persona, Yellowjacket.

The chances of Hank suiting up in the Yellowjacket suit, or any suit for that matter, is very unlikely; but that doesn't mean we can't see Hank's persona switching mentality on screen.

A scene where he gets uncontrollably angry at Scott while training, or a scene where he turns into a completely different person in front of Scott's eyes would not only be emotional, but would also introduce a different kind of hero to the MCU; one with real problems that he has to overcome.

Hank isn't perfect, which is exactly what makes him such an intriguing superhero. Tony Stark has his billion dollar suits, and Steve Rogers has his patriotic integrity, but it takes a lot of courage for Hank Pym, with his mental issues, to go out and save the world!

4. Stature!

Finally, the one thing that Ant-Man MUST have! Stature! If it neglects everything else on this list, and only has this, I will still be satisfied with the Ant-Man film! Who is this mysterious masked heroine?

None other than Scott Lang's daughter, Cassandra Lang!

After her father's "death" (no one really dies in comics, except Uncle Ben...), Cassie took over the Ant-Man persona, but gave it her own style and name, Stature. As Stature, she can get small and large, like her father and his mentor before her.

Now, since Cassie's rather young in the film, and I highly doubt that Scott will kick the bucket in his first film, I'm not expecting her to suit up. But an allusion to her future as a member of the Young Avengers would be much appreciated. There have been rumors that Marvel is looking to the Young Avengers as their next team, possibly in Phase 4, so a scene where Cassie gets her own suit, or perhaps her own training from her superhero father would be awesome!

It'd be the first in many "handing over the mantle" moments that we're sure to see in the MCU. Our favorite heroes can't stay active forever.

So those are the four things I'd love to see in the Ant-Man film! What do you want to see the most?


What do you want to see in the Ant-Man film?

Make sure to check out Ant-Man when it hits theaters on July 17!


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