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Splinter- Jackie Chan

Chan has shown his ability to play a grumpy old man as well as a wise mentor in movies such as The Karate Kid.

Leonardo- Chad Micheal Murray

though he has made some questionable job choices, Chad is an extremely under appreciated actor. Arguably the only good thing about the Left Behind reboot, his character was the opitime of a gruff but reluctant leader, which is exactly what is needed.

Raphael- Theo James

Theo has displayed his ability to be a tough grizzled warrior in Devergent.

Donatello- Matthew Grey Gubler

matthew is an incredible actor and is known for playing nerdy lovable characters just like Donnie.

Michelangelo- Andrew Garfield

Andrew is a fantastic actor, and displayed perfect snarky teen skills in The Amazing Spider- Man.

April O'Neal- Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts has displayed her ability to be a spunky detective type with Nancy Drew, plus she looks the part.

Casey Jones- Garrett Hedlund

Garrett has certainly grown as an actor lately, and has shown his ability to be a snarky renegade in movies such as Tron: Legacy.


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