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complete lover of batman and all things horror. Watch all kinds of movies and will continue to do so lol
Joe Mikey Marks

1, 2 freddys coming for you..... Since Fred Kruger first scared the sh*t out of us way back in 1984, elm street and other horror fans have been asking the question, 'who would win in a fight between freddy and..??', and in 2003, Ronny yu pit our favourite villain against Jason Vorhees (the hockey mask wearing giant from the Friday the 13th saga'. (We all had a good laugh at that, could have been a lot worse though). Since then I've wondered, as I'm sure most other horror fans have too, who else from the horror genre would be a worthy adversary for our knife fingered fiend. Would the unkillable Michael Myers have a shot? Or possibly the lovable cannibal Leatherface? How about the hell raiser himself, Pinhead? Personally I'd love to see Michael Myers with his weirdly 'slow but always behind you' walk tear Freddy a new one. What do you guys think?


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