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Blade runner a classic that shouldn't be touched or remade but a new cast sure why not!

Richard deckard: yeah Harrison ford was perfect he was but let's think here Tom hardy would also be perfect the emotions he gives to the audience with just facial expressions. His performance alone could make you wonder what he really is I am not saying he's stiff he's not but he can lead you to believe whats not true.

The main villan/robot he's chasing: Paul Bettany yeah he looks the part he has the physique and what we've seen from age of ultron he has the all powerful being down he also in terrible films like preist and legion is the best part because he gives it his all

Rachel: Eva Greene DO I EVEN NEED TO EXPLAIN no but I will she can do this in her sleep she do the casino roayale role except more of a business role. She is a phenomenal actress who would be a stand out amongst greats.

Pris: She doesn't gave a huge amount of screen time but can is important my casting is emila Clarke With the upcoming role in terminator we know she can do action James Cameron has praised her on that she can act and she's open to her own stunts shes a great choice.

Gaff: miles teller he can grow a mustache and can portray tight attitude as well as having a closed off personality

Eldon Tyrelle: I would love if Harrison ford did this but he can't rules are rules Warren Beatty the dudes talented he can do that evil behind the curtains or really nice you don't know attitude

Leon:This wouldnt be a huge role but still cool and I want sawyer from lost because he can grow a kickass beard

Hannibal: another smaller role but none the less B.D Wong yeah he's at a age were he could do it he's a good actor he can learn new mannerism

So that's my casting for the contest!!


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