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I am doing a contest for moviepilot doing fancasting. I am doing on the worldwide's the most popular and record breaking all the time movie is Titanic.

Jack- Christian Fortune

Rose-Debby Ryan

Old Rose-June Squibb

Caledon Nathan "Cal" Hockley- Brant Daughterty

Ruth DeWitt Bukater-Heather Graham

Brock Lovett-Misha Collins

Lizzy Calvert-Alison Lohman

Fabrizio De Rossi-Tyler Blackburn

Margaret "Molly" Brown- Rosie O'Donnell

Thomas Andrews-Daniel Craig

Fifth Officer Harold Lowe-Azim Rizk

Captain Edward John Smith-Jeff Bridge

Lewis Bodine-Zack Galifiankis

These all I fan casted for Titanic remake. They all looked fit.


Does it looks good as original?

Tell me what you think? sound off below


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