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With the announcement that Frank Castle will be coming to Netflix Daredevil series and that he will be played by Jon Bernthal I decided to rank the previous 3 portrayals of Mrvevels deadliest vigilante.

Ray Stevenson, Punisher War Zone

You can't completely blame Stevenson for this awful performance but he was a big part of the problem. This movie was horrible all around, from the script to the acting everything was bad about this movie. War Zone was a Marvel movie that Marvel never wanted to do with. This was the studio making all of the decisions and telling the comic book people how the movie should be made, and it shows. The movie is everything a Punisher movie shouldn't be and so was the performance by Stevenson. It was lazy, unispired, and lacks any idea od good story telling. Stevenson goes through the motions dealing bad line after bad line. This is easily the worst Marvel movie ever made.

Dolph Lundgren, The Punisher

This is more of a testament on how bad War Zone was than a recommendation on seeing this movie. What saves this movie is actually Lundgrens portrayl of it's central character. He fit the role and was believable as a vigilante out for revenge. Again this was a movie plagued by poor writing and over saturated with cheesy action that was indicative of movies from that era, it works as a B rated action movie.

Thomas Jane, The Punisher

This in my opinion is far and away the best portrayl of Frank Castle to date . This may also be the most underrated Marvel movie to date. I know John Travolta was goofy as can be as the lead villian in the movie and the rest of the cast isn't much better, it is Janes performance that makes this movie. The Punisher is also very underated in the fact compared to the previous two films it sticks closer to the source material. I am also going to include in this the fantastic short film Dirty Laundry that was the best single portrayl we have of The Punisher and could on it's own be expanded into possible a grwat movie. I loved Jane in both of these films and when I think of The Punisher he is what comes to mind first. It really is a shame that they never expanded on the story or maybe gone a diffrences way with the lead villian in the story. Imagine if they had taken the best part of another failed Marvel Movie, Michael Clark Duncan's Kingpin and put him opposite Janes Punisher. Now that would have made for a great movie.

So what do you guys think. Do you agree or disagree, leave me some feedback and tell me what you think.


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