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Horror fans are brave, we all know that. But let’s face it, we do dread something with all our heart: remakes.

We all have had nightmares after watching our favorite movies being ripped apart by the unnecessary remake or reboot.

But not all is lost. There are good films out there that understand the original source and do a great job adapting it.

They are rare, but they do exist.

Today, I will talk about seven movies that have accomplished the impossible. I am glad to present to you, the best horror remakes of all time.

So grab your cookies and enjoy the rebooted nightmare.

7 - Funny Games

Funny Games! Funny Games!

Naomi Campbell. Tim Roth. Michael Pitt. Familiar names for horror fans. It’s a blessing to have all of them in this movie.

Home invasion movies have boomed in the last few years. One of the best is Funny Games. The killers in here are like nothing else. They are educated, soft and articulated. They are only playing a game with you. Their objective? To have fun. Yours? To survive.

The remake was directed by the same director of the original one, so he knows what he is doing.

If you like home invasion movies, this one is completely recommendable.

6 – The Hills Have Eyes

A family is about to trespass the gates of hell. They will not meet demons in here, but something worse.

The creatures of this movie, a dozen of dreadful mutant killers, are fantastic. They are ugly and menacing-looking. The best part of this film, and the thing that makes it special, is the heroic act of one of the main characters. You will pray for him in his titanic battle against these morbid beings.

5 - The Crazies

Radha Mitchell is another familiar face to horror fans. She walked through the dementing streets of the damned town of Silent Hill. So it’s hard to imagine that she could experience something worse.

Sadly for her, everything is possible in horror movies.

The world is about to end. Everybody is turning into demented and sadistic killers. A group of humans unaffected by this terrible disease has to survive this terrible ordeal.

If you like apocalyptic movies, you will enjoy this one.

4 - The Fly

The Fly is a complex film. The main antagonist, a noble and eccentric scientist who wants to change the world, suffers a cruel destiny. He is becoming slowly into a heinous monster.

Jeff Goldblum gives charm, warmness, and even cuteness, to a tragic character. His horrible transformation is something grueling and hard to watch. The images in the film are nightmarish.

This movie shows us the terrible dangers of science. The lesson? Never mix your ADN with the one of a fly.

3 - Texas Chainsaw Massacre

It’s hard to create a good remake of a true beloved classic. It is, in fact, a rare feat. So it was surprising to see that this reboot was not only good, but great.

This film is not as gritty and raw as the original, but it is entertaining. And scary.

This movie brought the dreadful Leatherface to the new millennium. It showed to a new generation of fans how terrible he is. It is also a testament of how horror icons should be treated and honored.

2 - Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead, is not only one of the best remakes ever, but one of the greatest zombie films of all time. And this may sound like blasphemy, but it may be more entertaining than the original one.

Dawn of the Dead loaded us with great and interesting characters, something actually quite rare in the genre. I think that’s the key of the success of this film. When you cherish for a dog for survive, you know that something is right.

By the way, Ving Rhames rules.

1 - The Ring

The Ring showed us how fantastic and different is the Japanese Horror Cinema.

This movie made us look at this distant culture. We witnessed with awe, and why not, with jealously even, the amazing quantity and originality of the movies that they had filmed. Films that needed to be known.

The Ring created a trend. Sadly, no other Japanese adaptation has been as good as this one.

There are multiple elements that put this movie ahead of the rest. The video that caused the curse in the film was creepy and captivating. The villain was terrorizing and became an icon. The rich atmosphere, painted in blue and green, transmitted a sense of sadness and unreality.

The Ring terrorized a generation of fans yearning for bizarre and spooky experiences.

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