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Filmmaker Barry Levinson ("Diner", "Good Morning Vietnam", and "Rain Man" and actors Bill Murray ("Ghostbusters", "St Vincent"), Bruce Willis ("Die Hard", "Sixth Sense"), Zooey Deschanel ("500 Days of Summer", "Gigantic"), and Kate Hudson ("Almost Famous", "Bride Wars") are altogether created "Rock the Kasbah".

The comedy film is about Richie Lanz, a has-been music manager who goes on tour with his last remaining client in Afghanistan and when he finds himself abandoned in Kabul without a nickel to his name and no passport he discovers a young girl with an extraordinary voice.

The film wrapped up filming almost a year ago after just under 2 months of filming and is set to release on October 23, 2015.

Any film with Bill Murray in it will surely draw much attention, as he has many die hard fans who follow everything he does, like me. Today a new promotional poster was released with Bill Murray front and center!

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Rock the Kasbah
Rock the Kasbah

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