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Marvel's Agents of Shield,Arrow ,Heroes The Flash ect,even a cursory glance at the TV shedule show wall to wall enhanced people of some sort or other being fabulous and heroic but before all of these new kids on the block there was one hero who stood apart from all the others.......Steve Austin THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN!

For those not in the know The Six Million Dollar Man(hereafter TSMDM)was the story of Steve Austin,american astronaut who having barely survived an horrific test flight crash was rebuilt using state of the art Bionic technology(no prizes for guessing the cost)giving him bionic legs and one eye and one arm meaning he was fast,strong(one one side only)and had great vision(with a kick ass sound affect).

TSMDM got into all the usual seventies type of adventures from rescuing damsels in distress to abusing fashion tastes and for its time was a perfectly fine example of escapist television that even spawned a feme-centric sequel called with stunning originality The Bionic Woman.

With all the seventies upgrades from beloved tv shows to movie status ranging from arrggh(Mod Squad)to awesome(The Fugitive)it was surely only a matter of time before TSMDM got its turn and with that in mind here are 5 updated thing I would like to see in the TSMDM movie

1.Better legs.....If you consider that Usain Bolt can for short bursts hit over 25mph the fact that even with bionic legs the old TSMDM could only hit 60mph is just not gonna cut it anymore I think between 150 and 200mph will work just fine along with a concomitant increase in kicking,jumping, pants wearing and other leg related skills.

2.Two arms.......I mean come on,one arm? If he needs to crush a bowling ball what's he gonna crush it against? What about his center of balance if nothing else?

3.An ear.......yes keep the eye(and the sound affect)but give the poor guy an ear while you're at it.What good is it having the ability to utilize telescopic vision but not hear a thing?so unless they are also going to endow him with bionic lip reading skills give him sound AND vision.

4.On-board computer.......basically turn the guy into a walking smart phone able to access networks,remote control and all software issues which brings me to.....on board weapons and tech,these could range from nanotechnology inducing sleep agents to advanced medicines to micro missiles,the possibilities are endless.

5.The human factor.......this is perhaps the most critical element of the movie to get right,if TSMDM is just a weaponised terminator type who's going to give a fig about what happens to him?his ability to use his initiative and wits to solve his problems outside of and removed from his formidable bionics will give the audience some reason to empathize with and relate to him.

There you have it,my five things I would like to see in TSMDM movie that would be make it more Mission Impossible and less Starsky and Hutch.

Thanks for reading this short submission and please feel free to add your own ideas or any comments.


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