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Have you ever had one of those nights that no matter what you do you just can't seem to find the ability to fall asleep? Then in a vain effort to be tired you go on a pudding filled rage and think "I wonder what the top 10 sitcom dads are?" You haven't?! Well... we did, and filmed it just for you!

If you're looking for something more, let's get a little more in depth below. So here's our thought provoking list for your viewing pleasure.

10. Tim Taylor - Tim Allen

Ah, yes. Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor comes in at number 10 in our list, and how could the always grunting, accident prone handyman with the TV fix it show, "Tool Time", not make it onto our list? Especially since his arch nemesis is the one and only Bob Vila!

Tim is the man's man sitcom dad. He doesn't always get what's going on around him and can be comically self absorbed. But The Tool Man, with the help of his neighbor Wilson, will always choose his family over everything else in the end. And he'll do it with "MORE POWER"!

9. Gomez Addams - John Astin

Following up at number 9 is the gothically inspired french language fanatic Gomez Addams of the Addams Family. When he's not fawning over his beloved Morticia or comically blowing up toy trains, he's always attempting to help his family along their journey of "life". Mr. Addams is a very encouraging father, if not too encouraging! His reaction to walking in on his children torturing someone or building an atomic bomb would be to happily smile and ask if they need any rope.

8. Hal Wilkerson - Bryan Cranston

You would think that in a family full of testosterone, it would be the Mother that has the most trouble adjusting. But, for Hal (Malcolm in the Middle), trying to please his wife, be an adult, and stay "cool" to his four boys has proven next to impossible. He's basically the Clark Griswold of television; using all his strength and willpower to make everything the best it can be for everyone around him until he just can't even. Then he snaps and kills everyone for stealing his money and drives away in his RV to cook... sorry... wrong show... man he's done some weird roles...and he's always in his underwear. Even in Godzilla. It's like Matthew McConaughey taking of his shirt... but you know... pants.

7. Al Bundy - Ed O’Neill

Stick your hand in your pants and complain about having sex with your wife! It's time for number 7...Al Bundy! A disgruntled shoe salesman whose only joy in life is bowling, handling the feet of a "babe", making fun of his neighbor, and reading the same newspaper for a decade. He's broke and his family doesn't respect him, but when the chips are down, he won't fight for his family...he'll help them get revenge.

Al is the only misogynist that we love and laugh at. But try airing this as a new show today...we dare you!

6. Mike Brady - Robert Reed

Here's a story...of a man named Brady. First of all, a man who doesn't run like a bat out of hell when he meets a woman with "3 girls of her own", is a saint! He's an accidentally successful architect who gives his children advice that's more confusing than Ghandi quoting Jaden Smith's tweets. The man could keep track of 6 children at a time, when Facebook would have just been a book with faces in it, and heard them sing "Sunshine Day" about a million times without once strangling any of them! He's the Anti-Bundy.

5. Philip Banks - James Avery

♫ Now this is a story all about how...♫ Now we'll wait for you to get that out of your head before we introduce to you our number 5 pick *checks watch*.

Surprise!! It's Phillip Banks!

Well that's probably not a surprise and if it is one, you probably think the Fresh Prince's name is Harry. Philip Banks, or Uncle Phil, is the perfect example of an activist turned straight-laced. He is: caviar on a Triscuit; Beethoven with an afro; and champagne in a Solo cup. He's a successful lawyer with a butler, but because of his past, the arrival of Will let his soul train booty shake! He's the father figure that as an adult, you would be thankful for.

4. Danny Tanner - Bob Saget

What can we say about our number 4 that the Olsen Twins haven't said yet? (Not that anyone listens to them anymore)

Danny Tanner showed us all something new; a struggling single father. Of course by struggling i mean, a father whose job is hosting a morning show on television and who owns a house in San Fransisco that would cost about 3/4 of a million dollars. He was the ultimate quirky, dorky, and embarrassing father. But, when you needed advice, he was there to sit on the edge of your bed and give it, while gentle piano music played in the background. Remember, everywhere you look, there's a heart...and two terrible role models your dad invited to live with you because hiring someone on a TV personalities salary is impossible.

3. Homer Simpson - Dan Castellanetta (Voice)

Sometimes you have to stop coddling your children and do some tough parenting. You know, like constantly losing your baby, or ignoring your most gifted child, or grabbing your son by the neck while screaming, "WHY YOU LITTLE!". Sure, Homer is stupid, negligent, forgetful, gluttonous, rude, lazy, and selfish (Mmmmm...shellfish)? But, he does love his family and usually ends up doing the right thing. It just takes him a little longer than other people. Not everybody can be as perfect as "Stupid Flanders".

2. Dan Conner - John Goodman

Dan Conner and Rosanne had a strange dynamic in their relationship. They both "wore the pants". He was the perfect balance to Rosanne's crass and abrasive personality, acting more like a sarcastic adult child than a typical TV dad. Often, his parenting style involved poking fun at, teasing, and pranking his children. If you were on the phone talking to a boy you like, and he heard you, be prepared to be more embarrassed than a pregnant prom date.

1. Heathcliff Huxtable - Bill Cosby

You know when your dad gets you to confess something and you're like, "How the...what the...Huh?" Well, Dr. Huxtable was the king of that! Trying to hide something from him is like trying to hide JELLO Pudding in the back of the fridge. Eventually someone's going to find it. He's the advice dad, the strong dad, the successful dad, and the funny dad, all rolled into one. And who can forget those wonderful sweaters? Seriously, we haven't seen that many sweaters since day 1 of Biggest Loser.

Whether or not the recent allegations are true, Bill Cosby gave us perhaps the greatest sitcom dad ever!

Well, that's our list! We think it's pretty darn good, but some of you might be throwing your fists in the air and screaming at your screen because we missed some of your favorites. So, leave your favorites in the comments and be sure to watch our video below and subscribe to our YouTube channel!



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