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With comic book movies being such a hot topic across the board, casting is sometimes a perfect match or a Hollywood nightmare. Here anymore no one really makes their bones as an action star until they have been cast in a comic book role.

Here are my choices

1. Patrick Warburton

He already looks the part and he is a comedic actor. A big part of this character is a big kid pretty much, so who better than this guy.

2. Brandon Molale

Has had bit parts in a little bit of everything. So this could be a make or break officially for DC and Brandon's career.

3. Karl Urban

A very hot ticketed fan cast choice. He is well known as an action star badass. He's got the build and the height for Shazam!. He has a dry sense of humor but potential for good comedy if given the chance.

4. Kellan Lutz

A ladies heart throb. He's got the build and action status. He was also a Hercules. It would be interesting to see the two clash on the big screen. He's had parts here and there, but in my opinion never a stand out role. Shahan could be that role. We know he can be funny by his roles in accepted.

5. Adam Baldwin

A well known actor for his supporting roles. Yes he may be considered too old, but he still has it. The voice of superman in superman doomsday. He'd be a perfect fit to be the other superman. He can be funny and he's already established as an action star.

6. Henry Rollins

Yes I choose Henry Rollins as my sixth pick. He is a bit older than a desired super hero. With a little hair dye and a little make up it'll be okay. The point is, is that he is jacked , and can be very funny. With a wide range of characters under his belt he'd be a good fit.


These are my picks for Shazam!. I know it's typically 5 or 10. To me these 6 are the best choices. If I've forgotten any feel free to comment below with your choices. I don't believe in bringing back former DC and Marvel cast members to new roles. Yes I know Dredd and The Tick were previous comic roles but in my opinion that's a bit different.


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