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A couple of decades ago, Videogames didn't have complex stories or convoluted plots. They were, in fact, quite simple. That was part of their charm.

Today, I will talk about some baffling plot holes in one of the most influential games of all the time, Super Mario Bros. They will blow your mind.

Who left those mysterious boxes with prizes and coins inside?

We all remember those yellow boxes, containing coins and power-ups, floating in the air. But, put those there? The Princess? And if that was the case, why? Did she know that she was about to be kidnapped by Bowser? Also, why Bowser, being so evil and mean, didn’t grab the coins and the power-ups inside for himself? If Mario can have a lot of lives, thanks to the green mushrooms, I think that Bowser can too.

Now I demand to President Trump to put these boxes everywhere. After all, I love flowers and stars . . .. and free money.

Why didn’t Mario and Luigi fight at the same time?

Seriously, if they cared so much about the princess, why didn’t they attack Bowser at the same time? Why did they take turns at every level? I mean, the two of them at the same time are an unstoppable force.

That was the worst strategy ever.

Why do flowers make you throw fire balls?

I performed an experiment: I went to my garden and I picked up a flower. Then, I tried to throw fireballs from my hands. The results? Nothing happened.

Then I ate flower.

I got sick.

For 5 days.

Thank you, Mario.

Why there is a flag at the end of each stage?

These flagpoles are creepy. I searched for one of those in my city and when I found one, I jumped at it and grabbed it. There were no fireworks.

But the question is: who built them? Peach? Or was it Bowser, as a way to motivate Mario to catch him? Strange.

Also, when a normal person sees a poleqith a flag at the top, he or she doesn’t jump at it to grab it. Why Mario has to do this? Is he fascinated by those? Can a psychologist explain this to me?

Why did Mario have to walk all the way to Peach?

Mario and his friends don’t live in the Middle Ages; they do have cars and planes, as other games of the franchise have showed us. So, why didn’t Mario drive a Kart to Bowser's castle instead of walking? It would have been faster.

Why are there so many deadly holes?

I can understand Bowser sending his terrible and dreadful army of turtles in order to stop Mario, but did he have the time to dig those bottomless pits? Why didn’t the government do anything to fix them? Was Peach such a bad ruler? If that’s the case, then she deserved to be kidnapped. Maybe Bowser was the good guy, after all.

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