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Kevin Cetta

While watching The Wovlerine, my wife and I had a conversation about Logan's ability to regenerate from injuries to his body. We discussed whether Logan can re-attach his limbs if they were to be severed by one of his many enemies. We all know that in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, when Victor stomped on his claws, they obviously grew back. In The Wovlerine, when they were cut off with the adamantium bonded to his skeleton by Yashida in that bad-ass giant metal samuria suit, they grew back as bone claws. However, when it comes to his limbs being cut off, would he be able to regenerate? Say if he were fighting Sabertooth in an intense battle and Sabertooth cut off his arm, after the fight, would he be able to pick it up, place it back, and would his regeneration abilties re-attach it? Or would it have to be attached by some sort of blood supply to the limb? Now, if his head was to get cut off, we all know that he would most likely die. (No one wants to see that.) First of all, you would need something very strong to go through the adamantium to even get one of his limbs to come off. I mean, he got shot in the head at point blank and the only thing wrong with him was that he lost his memory. When I was talking with another contributor about this, he informed me that in the comic books there was a time when the Wolverine was burned down to the bone and he was able to regenerate from that. So I am a believer that there would be a way that he could regenerate one of his limbs if it was to be severed from his body. How would be the question. Would he just be able to place it there and it would heal back together or it would just grow an entirely new limb back? What do you think? Feel free to speculate in the comments.


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