ByDiana McCallum, writer at

Peter Parker. Miles Morales. Spider-Woman. Silk. Spider-Gwen. Venom. Iron Spider. Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Ham. There's no shortage of spider-related characters in the Marvel Universe but have you ever noticed how most of them kind of have no spider powers at all? Way to jump on the spider-bandwagon people.

The latest video from Sketch From Superheroes (the new Youtube channel from the folks who make Texts From Superheroes) pokes fun at all those spider people who have no recognizable spider affiliations.

(And they may poke fun at a few other spider-related topics while they're at it.)

Nothing controversial here.
Nothing controversial here.

Check out the video and leave a comment with any other spider characters who aren't meeting their quota of spidery-ness.


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