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Fluffy Duckerman

So, it's been reported that we will be getting a new character on The Flash in Season 2, who will supposedly be similar to Felicity Smoak. The character in question is Wendy, who will join the CCPD next season as Barry's love interest.

Most likely, this is Wendy White. She is a nerdy tech girl who rebuilt Cyborg after the Infinite Crisis. She later took on the position of Barbara Gordon's/Oracle's replacement and named herself Proxy. The only other Wendy they could go with is Windfall but looking at her history, I doubt it's her.

So what does Wendy mean for the show? Well, everyone loves Felicity Smoak so why not have a Felicity Smoak-like character on The Flash ? Nope. Don't just start copying the Arrow, it's cheap if you ask me. Even then, I've always considered Cisco to be akin to Felicity so having another character like him isn't necessary, is it?

Having said that, I have no problem with another love interest for Barry. The Barry-Iris arc is going to be quite slow and... it should be. Her fiancé just died and it would be really dumb if she just landed into the arms of Barry right afterwards. She needs time to heal and gather herself. Give the two some time to grow as characters before putting them together. They're relationship is definitely going to happen, just some time in the future.


What do you think of Wendy?


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