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Welcome to Casting Call! Where we pick our favorite comic books and do some fantasy casting for them! This week, DC Comics version of Captain Marvel aka SHAZAM!

With the movie barely in pre-production and the only role cast is that of Black Adam (being played by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), we figured we'd take it upon ourselves to cast the rest of the roles. However, this time around we will be giving you our top 5 choices for the role of The Big Red Cheese himself. First off is...

Dwayne Johnson playing Black Adam

Now we have our top 5 choices to play Captain Marvel aka Shazam. Shazam is the alter ego of Billy Batson, a boy who, by speaking the magic word "Shazam", can transform himself into a costumed adult with the powers of superhuman strength, speed, flight, and other abilities. In classic Shazam! stories, the name is an acronym of the six figures from whom Billy's magical powers derive: Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury. First up is...

Kellan Lutz

Lutz isn't the biggest guy at 6'1", but he has the build and has played the action hero in films like: The Expendables 3, The Legend of Hercules, Tarzan, Immortals, and Arena. He has the look and as seen in Stick It and Accepted, he can play the childish guy.

Armie Hammer

Hammer standing at 6'5" is more able to match The Rock in size. He may need to pack on some muscle to pull off the red suit but that's doable. He also does action as seen in: The Lone Ranger and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (where he stands alongside Superman himself, Henry Cavill) films.

Alan Ritchson

Ritchson stands at 6'2" and is well built as seen in his various modeling pics. Mostly known for playing Aquaman in the CW's Smallville TV show, Ritchson has done action in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (where he plays Raphael) movies. He has also done comedic roles in Blue Mountain State, Fired Up, and The Wedding Ringer.

Liam Hemsworth

Yes, Thor's baby brother himself could say the magic words and start a full fledged family/comic movie war! He's 6'3" and if his brother Chris is any indication there's room to bulk up significantly for the role. Hemsworth has done action is movies such as: The Hunger Games series, Expendables 2, and Empire State.

Tom Welling

Another Smallville alum, this though it's the big blue boyscout himself, Superman/Clark Kent! Since the Smallville is no longer canon to the current DC TV Universe, we see no reason that Welling couldn't play Shazam himself and give a little nod to his previous character. Standing at 6'3" and the ability to pack on muscle for the role, Welling is our favorite for the role. He's done action, comedy, horror, drama, and has yet to find that big breakout role that will make him a star. This is it.

As for the rest of the cast...

Billy Batson played by Jeremy Shada

Known for his role as Finn the Human on Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, Shada has also done work in Paranorman and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Though he only has one lone live action film to his resume, That's What I Am, we feel he could pull off Captain Marvel's much younger alter ego Billy Batson perfectly.

Mary Batson played by Christina Robinson

Best known for playing Dexter Morgan's step daughter Aster on Showtime's Dexter, she has the charm to play Billy's optimistic sister.

Freddie Freeman played by Sean Giambrone

If not for his breakout performance in the hit TV show The Goldberg's, Giambrone would be pretty much an unknown. He's also done voice work in Cartoon Network's Clarence and Russell Madness. Playing the younger, snarky foster sibling of the Batson's would be a cakewalk. Plus he get's to turn into Captain Marvel Jr!

Speaking of Captain Marvel Jr., should DC decide to add other parts to the Marvel Family we figured whoever didn't get to be the Big Red Cheese himself could end up playing Cap Jr! It would work very well and you'd up the muscle guy factor for all the ladies out there.

Mary Marvel played by Lyndsy Fonseca

Playing the heroine of the franchise and someone who could go toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman herself would be Fonseca. She has yet to have that breakout role as well, and if done well could headline her own Mary Marvel movie aimed at the younger female demographic out there waiting for female led superhero films. Fonseca has yet to do action roles but has comic book pedigree with Kick-Ass and Marvel's Agent Carter.

Tawky Tawny played by John DiMaggio

Tawky Tawny is a humanoid and well mannered tiger who wishes to be a part of human society. A friend of the Marvel Family, Tawny often participates in their adventures. We'd stick with Tawny's original characterization. His more recent one has him as more of a normal tiger, but still having the ability to talk. Since this would be strictly voiceover work, who else to get but one of the best around today in DiMaggio. You may have heard him in the following: Futurama, Adventure Time, Ben 10, Batman: The Brave and The Bold, Chowder, Teen Titans, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Afro Samurai.

The Wizard Shazam played by Morgan Freeman

Who else could be the wise old wizard that sets young Billy Batson on his path than the guy who's played a President, GOD, and a Mage? Just hearing him talk makes you want to do what he says or at least heed his words very carefully. If you need to know what Freeman has been in, then you need to get out from under that rock and see a movie. Geez.

Now on to the bad guys. In addition to Black Adam (who is Marvel's biggest adversary) we have the rest of the Black Marvel Family that can match the Marvel Family power for power, in the following:

Isis played by Nina Dobrev

Who is Black Adam's love and his right hand lady. The closest Dobrev has come to an action role is in The Vampire Diaries, however, she has the acting chops to play a regal, powerful woman.

Osiris played by Rami Malek

Who is Isis' brother and Adam's left hand man. Malek has done action in Battleship, Need for Speed, The Twilight Saga, and the Night at the Museum movies.

Then you have the rest of Shazam's rogues gallery:

Mr Mind voiced by Billy West

Another voiceover role goes to another top VA in West. Best known for: Futurama, Ren & Stimpy, Queer Duck, Doug, and Cats & Dogs.

Doctor Sivana played by Elijah Wood

Shave his head and give him some makeup and Wood could pull this role of a mad scientist off without a hitch. Wood can play the bad guy as seen in: Sin City, Maniac, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Ibac played by Nathan Jones

Jones has always played the big, tough, bad guy. To see why he's perfect for one of Marvel's toughest opponents check out: Mad Max: Fury Road, The Protector, Fearless, The Condemned, Somtum, and Conan.

Stanley Printwhistle played by Bill Nighy

This is another no brainer. Nighy can play a great bad guy, he's also a phenomenal actor and could make us feel for the old, frail, thief. See Nighy in: Pirates of The Caribbean, I Frankenstein, Underworld, Valkyrie, Jack the Giant Slayer, Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy, and Rango.

Let us know what you think of our picks and if you didn't like them tell us who you would choose!


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